Apple vs. Pumpkin

Happy Tuesday!!

I hope the week is off to a happy start for y’all! We thankfully missed a lot of the associated severe weather with Hurricane Irma here on the farm. But I did drive back after I taught class last night in some gnarly winds and rain!! If you have been affected by the storms, know there a lot of people praying, donating, and working locally to help you. And always feel free to comment below if you know of a direct need πŸ™‚

Y’all, I have my chalkboard wall back. AND I AM SO PUMPED!! I know I mentioned on here before how much I missed it here in the new house. SO David painted this weekend and I am so excited! Tripp loves it too. I made sure to have it low enough where he could drawing on it too.

MENU (more of a here are my options to assemble a meal!)

  • Prepped veggies–> spinach, brussel sprouts, carrots, sweet potato noodles, cauliflower rice, and then guess what?? I got my first grocery box from Thrive Life (check it out here through my link)!!! Can’t wait to share that. I will be hopping on Instagram and FB live tonight to show y’all my first delivery.
  • Protein options–> canned salmon (LOVE it mixed with Primal Mayo on a salad!), a whole chicken (it will cook overnight then a broth marathon will commence), sausage, lamb, ground beef, and BROTH (yes, protein rich!). Oh and a new staple, someΒ Thrive Life meat options. I have the chopped chicken!
  • Fruits–> frozen variety for smoothies, bananas (I really need to save a couple for banana muffins…), avocado, and Thrive Life fruits. The Thrive Life apples were on sale. They must be team apple too πŸ˜‰

When that first bit of cooler air rolls through… are you team apple or team pumpkin? I will be honest. My initial pull is pumpkin. BUT after reaching for the pumpkin pie spice and seeing my apple pie spice (here are the spice blends I have and I LOVE!), I realized, deep down, I am TEAM APPLE all the way. Until October πŸ˜‰ With a few pumpkins thrown in here and there. To ease the transition ha. And because it is my favorite ingredient for chili. And these pumpkin muffins are just AMAZING.

Those spices are so great. And have lasted FOREVER. I have quickly realized that MOST “higher quality” items last longer. Not sure if it is because it is more “potent” and/or if I just find myself using less (using it more intentionally) because it is my hard earned money that went into buying it. But back to team apple. I do love eating an apple and sometimes I get caught up in them being a perfect grab-n-go snack that I forget to throw them into a salad or bake with them.

These apple cinnamon breakfast cookies (recipe here) are SO good. And really was easy to throw together.

I mentioned pumpkin was my favorite chili ingredient above. If you have followed the blog, you probably already know my favorite chili recipe. HERE IT IS. I didn’t have all of the ingredients, so I compromised. But ended up with a delicious bowl of pumpkin chili! Perfect for these cooler nights.

Beyond #teamapple, I LOVE cinnamon (really any time of the year!). And now that Tripp can “help” me bake or cook, I have been trying to find easier (and nutrient dense!) recipes for us to try out. We found this yummy snickerdoodle recipe (here is the recipe link) this weekend and gave it a try. I haven’t given him a lot (really any…) of chocolate, so I loved that these were chocolate free (typically my go-to cookie is here from Against All Grain). We liked these πŸ™‚

Anyways, if you are around, hop on FB or Instagram and watch my grocery box (yes, delivered to YOUR door!!!) video. Should be entertaining with David and the boys HA!

And another way to “catch me,” ever Tuesday morning I sit down with my sister and we go live for a Sister Talk Tuesday chat. We cover the process of cleaning up your products and what is working for us and even what we need to switch to safer. Check it out here… TEAM SISTERΒ on FB.

Comment below or on social media any favorite apple recipes… or pumpkin, if you are that team πŸ˜‰

Friday Favorites Round 1

Happppppy Friday!!!

I wanted to hop on here really fast and share FIVE favorites that are making my favorite list lately. This cooler weather has me feeling all the fall feels and Tripp and I are trying to enjoy each minute outside! And that meant a picnic on the porch today…

I won't make any judgements over what you're thinking… but, let's just say this went about as good as you would think with a toddler. LOL! Leo was inside watching… and I know it was entertaining!

Top 5 Friday Favorites

Round 1:

  • Apples: Yall, I am wild over pumpkin. I am. But I really try to focus (a little) on apples before I go all in with pumpkin. This recipe from Paleo Runnning Momma seems super simple and I have all of the ingredients. A WIN!
  • Kombucha: IN LOVE with Big Easy Bucha. I have found it (on sale!) at Publix and have enjoyed these guys every afternoon while cooking (or throwing together dinner). My favorite is the Geaux Green.
  • Magnolia and Lady and Little Shirts: My "garden mama" and "live simply" shirts have become my top picks for kicking around in the yard with Tripp. I am so sad when I have to wash them, yet it does give me more motivation to not let laundry pile up. Ha. Here is a link to the Magnolia shirt and here is the link to the shop for Lady and Little. Now to get that garden bigger than just growing herbs in my window HAHA.
  • PaleoValley supplement: I am not the best at eating my organ eats… so I have started taking these each day. Anything to build the system up for fall is a good idea in my book! Get them here on their site.
  • Paleo By Maileo box: This has been such a fun way to get me out of my paleo snack box of RxBars and Larabars. And thanks to my in-laws for an awesome birthday gift, I now get a box each month full of on the go snacks! Tripp and I love opening these boxes each month. You can find them here on their site, Paleo by Maileo.

That's it!! I restricted myself to 5… πŸ˜‰ Happy Friday!