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What I ate Wednesday: Sept. 6th

I hope you had a great Labor Day weekend!

We had a good weekend. I enjoyed the extra day off and was able to get some "settling in" (AKA, STILL unpacking) checked off the list.

Short work weeks usually throw off my menu planning, BUT in a good way! I usually take them as a nice chance to relax a little and cook on the fly! Grace week as I like to call it!

Here is a peak at what I ate today.

Breakfast–> I LOVE Bobo's oatmeal bites (I get the lemon one at Publix, which has been on sale!). If I get up early, I usually have one with some coffee. Then when Tripp wakes up, we usually split a plate of eggs and fruit. And we had a Bfree bun in the fridge, so I toasted it and put some butter on it. Kind of like a bagel!

Lunch–> Tripp and I played almost all morning outside. It was beautiful!! We came in and I threw us together a little variety of a few of my picks and a few of his picks. Chicken with Primal Mayo, celery, carrots with hummus, apple, cheese, olives, asparagus for Tripp, and avocado.

Dinner–> We are having zoodles with roasted potatoes and chicken meatballs. Since this will be up BEFORE then, here was last night's dinner plate 😉

And here is a peak at some of what I have prepped for the week. Publix pre-cut veggies are amazing shortcuts. I got Brussel sprouts and rices cauliflower to help me out a little.

I also threw a whole chicken in the InstantPot… and you know it, made back to back broth batches to round out the process.

Happy Wednesday, y'all!


Monday’s Menu + Thai Turkey Burgers

Happy Monday!

I hope you are all having a great day 🙂 We had a great weekend and ready to kick off another week. I was so happy last night when I found some of the famous spaghetti pie in the fridge… totally forgot I baked that Friday. Perfect for David’s lunch today and my dinner tonight. I should start making something on Friday for Monday and Tuesday lunches. It was almost as fun as finding money in my coat pocket 😉

This week we are really trying to structure meals around the proteins in the freezer. This can be tricky, but with a little planning, all should go well.


  • Spinach salad + shredded chicken (seasoned with my favorite trio–> oregano, garlic powder, and onion powder) + Crispy potatoes (I did these in the InstantPot and now I am going to smash them and stick them under the broiler until the butter melts)
  • Tuna salad sandwiches (tuna + avocado + Primal Kitchen mayo + chopped fermented pickle) + fruit salad
  • Beef + broccoli rice bowls with salsa and avocado
  • Turkey roll-ups or turkey burgers with Jackson’s Honest chips, olives, carrots, hummus, and an apple with almond butter
  • Meatballs with zoodles and carrots with a side salad
  • Creamy chicken soup (chicken, broth, coconut milk, basil, oregano, crushed tomatoes, and other veggies I have leftover!)

MEAL IDEA is a yummy one!! And very versatile. It all started with a random purchase of Thai Coconut Curry Hummus! I LOVE HOPE hummus. It is so good! And this one just caught my eye.

All I did was pan-grill these amazing turkey burgers (frozen ones by Applegate). Then served them on a gluten-free bun with the hummus spread on thick!

I served it with fresh lime, carrots, and avocado. Then a spinach + broccoli + asparagus salad on the side drizzled with my favorite olive oil.

So easy and GOOD!!! I am actually having David grab another pack of the turkey burgers because they are so easy and perfect for lunch.

Y’all have a wonderful Monday night!!