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Potato Soup Time

Happy Thursday!!

I decided tonight was a potato soup kind of night. Pictured above is BEFORE pressure cooking but AFTER burning the onion. Ha. Hoping it gives the soup a nice deep flavor (haha!). You know what I want tonight? I just really want a tidy kitchen; it is such a mess right now! So I decided on Instant Pot potato soup (using the recipe from THIS cookbook) to keep the dirty dishes to a minimal and give me time to get the kitchen under control.

When in doubt, I whip out my Thrive Life groceries and/or the pressure cooker y’all! Oh, tomorrow my sister (don’t forget her amazing blog!), mom, and I are going to do some Christmas baking with the kiddos. I can’t wait!! Surely this can be successful… 3 adults, 2 toddlers 🙂

Okay, but back to the cookbook I mentioned above. Don’t let that whole “paleo” in the title scare you away. This book is seriously my go-to when it comes to pressure cooking. She covers everything in this. And the potato salad is AMAZING. Lately I have been using the slow cook feature more than the pressure. BUT, man, each time I do pressure cook I am reminded WHY I should use the feature more often.

Anyways, if you are giving or getting an IP, I highly recommend this book ($13!!). A keeper 🙂 Remember that whole paleo word really just means REAL food, don’t shy away.

Have a great night!! 11 days until Christmas!!!!

December Menu #1

Happy MONDAY!!

I hope you all are doing as wonderful as Tina. She was so close to letting me pet her today! Tripp was bringing her sticks (haha it works with Leo!) and clearly she was appreciative of the gifts.

It has been colder around here so I am all about cooking the warmest meals I can think of. Here is what we have for this week…

  • Mediterranean rice bowl with beef, asparagus, and cauliflower (veggies thanks to my Thrive Life box!). This might sound fancy, but it turned Mediterranean only with the addition of the DELICIOUS Tessamae's dressing 🙂
  • Turkey Burger with roasted potatoes and brussel sprouts (spruced up with lemon garlic dressing from Tessamae's)
  • Sausage and rice with lots of kale
  • Beef roast with carrots, celery (Thrive Life!), onion, and potatoes
  • Burrito bowls (on standby)

Y'all, I finally had a plan/prep day. And I AM SO HAPPY. Yesterday I cooked rice in the Instant Pot, browned up 2 pounds of beef, thawed out my roast, cooked a big pot of kale (adding coconut aminos and lemon makes them OUT OF THIS WORLD!), and baked some cubed up sausage.

I hope you all have a great night. Take time tonight to watch a Christmas movie or just relax by the tree… or hey, let's be real, chase a toddler and a lab around the tree ha!