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Week 2 Menu + AAG Meet and Greet

Hello!! I’m so excited to share about this past weekend… But menu first before I lose all my meal ideas 😉

Menu for Week 2 Sugar Detox
B- Eggs with sweet potato biscuit (check out the recipe from The Paleo Parents or go but Beyond Bacon!)
L- Turkey roll ups with veggies
D- Chicken meatballs with spaghetti squash
B- Eggs with biscuit
L- Leftover meatball salads
D- Mini-meatloaf muffins with mashed cauliflower and veggies (Against All Grain meatloaf recipe and Practical Paleo mash!)
B- Eggs with biscuit
L- Meatloaf leftovers with small salad
D- Roasted chicken with mashed cauliflower and salad
B- Eggs, bacon, and veggies
L- Chicken or turkey salads
D- Salmon with roasted eggplant salad
B- Eggs, bacon, and veggies
L- Tuna-sardine salads
D- Hamburgers with grilled veggies
B- Detox friendly waffles
L- Market veggie salad with leftover meat
D- Paleo Lasagna with salad
B- Waffle leftovers
L- “Leftover” salad
D- Paleo Lasagna with salad

Snacks: Coco-monkey smoothie, apple with almond butter, coconut butter with cacao nibs, veggies and avocado, boiled eggs with veggies, and mashed (frozen) banana with toppings

There we have it… Week 2 y’all! I’m on day 7 and (finally) feeling great. It was a rough/irritable/detox feeling-filled time between days 3-6, but nothing major (and possible “perfect storm” timing with the time of the month… TMI? I’ll stop ha!). So anyways- past that and feeling good and sugar free. Yah for insulin and leveling out the ol blood sugar. Makes for more energy, better sleep, and clearer brain functioning. Win win. 🙂

So this weekend… My anniversary gift officially was given to me:

Not Danielle, haha, but David got me a ticket to the Against All Grain cooking demo by the beautiful and sweet lady herself, Danielle Walker! Doesn’t she look like the “paleo Giada”? Haha 🙂 She has such a powerful story and has literally turned her health/life around with food.

Have I mentioned you should go buy this book?? Well if I haven’t made my point… Read my review again ha!

I did some Christmas shopping while at the class 😉 After the class we headed to Urban Pl8 (thanks to a recommendation from Multiply Delicious!).

We both had paleo burgers– which didn’t get a photo because we were starving! I did deviate from the detox at the class… Danielle made her chocolate chip cookies and gave us 🙂

It was awesome 🙂 So back to to Urban Pl8… Here’s the menu.

Really awesome paleo options for us. Thanks Heather- this was a thumbs up in our book!

Well I guess I’m off to bed– a lot of prep was accomplished this afternoon. Also laundry and cleaning 🙂 The fall semester officially starts this week– wow!!

Here’s to a healthy and happy week for us all… Welcome back to school mode, right?? 😉

Special Day

I almost went to bed (upon walking in the door) after this…

Follow this link to see the story behind it… Crossfit Northridge. We are close friends with the couple and couldn’t be happier for them 🙂 Anyways, the reps added up to 730. Each rep represented a day in their 2 year journey. David and Carla did this WOD… I truly just wanted to finish! And I did 🙂 Even with 65#!

I tweeted the WOD to some “big timers” in the Crossfit world… We will see if I get some tweets back! Keep them the couple and their new baby in your prayers as they travel to get their sweet little one!

A good friend of mine, Ashley, has a great blog and has recently renewed my eagerness to learn more about nutrition/health/crossfit. Hence, the book above. David bought it a while ago… And practically has it memorized (I can brag on my husband!). Anyways, I would just ask him questions and never got around to actually reading myself (hey, grad school has a way of cutting out leisure reading). I now realize the importance of reading something other than some sort of research article… First, improve your knowledge; second, to just step away. Stepping away into different world, different mindset, and different topics that you aren’t familiar with! I really love increasing my knowledge about health and fitness, we only get one body!

Fresh flowers are great 🙂 Anyways, I almost went to bed… But then I needed food. And earlier today I was all ready and excited to do my post tonight… Then I went and did the WOD and came home and forgot to post! I talked to Ashley and we both said we just didn’t get around to posting on our blogs tonight. Well I get an email (I am subscribed to her blog, so I get an email when she has a new post!), and she had a post. So I decided to hop on the iPhone and do a post myself. I am proud of all of our CF members for finishing today… I know the reason behind it was the key motivation!

I had the most beautiful ladies that stood by me on my wedding day (check the Finch photo blog post out!). Actually way before that… They rocked! And guess what? I got to have a much needed phone date with my best friend! Happy ending to a special day 🙂

Happy Thursday- haha I know it’s Wednesday but totally been saying Thursday all day! I even went into my lab thinking of teaching my Thursday lab. The students kind of laughed when I shared… I told them it is not illegal to laugh in lab and/or speak. Geez 😉

**My apologies to any “scattered writing,” I think I’m still recovering from the WOD!**

Cheers to almost Thursday,