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Tripp’s Plate Tuesday: Eggs! 

Happy (late) Tuesday night!! 

I’m up late due to some severe storm monitoring.  I enjoy watching these storm systems develop– I do hate seeing them cause destruction though! Praying everyone stays informed and prepared tomorrow in AL. 

So Tripp’s lunch actually got the photo today, not dinner. 

We enjoyed some pork tacos (corn tortillas to make them gfree!) from a local food truck on campus, Eat Local Roots. Tripp enjoyed the pork with some Jackson’s Honest sweet potato chips (thanks to Lovey!!) and a little of the verde salsa (which he loved!). Gosh these were so good… I could go for one right now ha! 

As for dinner, he had a little avocado with eggs (gathered at cousin Klaire’s this weekend!). And some freeze dried mango (Thanks to his Lovey for these goodies!!). Kind of thrown together, but, it was good! He also had a few bites of the chicken sausage I prepped tonight. 

Good night y’all! 

#switchtosafer Friday: March 9th

Happy Friday!! 

I hope everyone is gearing up for a fun weekend 😎 I hope to get caught up around the house– it is wild around here!! I haven’t even cooked a Green Chef meal 🙈 Thank goodness I had some good choices prepped and ready in the fridge. Wednesday rolled around and I was totally in “it’s almost spring break” mode/just get to Friday. I’ll cook those up this weekend though 😁 

So for today’s Switch to Safer, we are talking bubbles!! Tripp has totally entered that stage and loves playing in the bubbles. 

He just cracks up when I scoop bubbles up in my hand and blow them everywhere. I love using my Beautycounter Baby All Over Wash for this. It makes some sweet bubbles. Tripp even swishes his hand in the water like me to make more 😉 So cute! 

This month (on the fourth) Beautycounter celebrated 4 years. Wow! And the BC team is better than ever and working hard to get better laws in place for skincare and cosmetics. And hey I will celebrate my birthday at the end of the month. So this month, when you shop THIS link and place any order, you’ll be entered to win a Beautycounter (hint, it will help you prep for summer) surprise! 🎉 

February’s winner–> Niki P. 🙋🏻 

Have a wonderful weekend y’all!!