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What I ate Wednesday: May 24th

Happy Wednesday!! So I might not have snapped photos of all of meals, but I did remember to take a few pictures! 

Breakfast– 2 muffins with some baked egg bites from Mary’s. 

Snack– RxBar (Maple Sea Salt… so good!!)

Lunch– Mary’s lunch (a little sweet potato beef action) then some random sides shared with Tripp (apple and yogurt)

Snack– cookie and coffee (Tripp didn’t take a nap until really late in the day… mama needed coffee after lunch ha!) 

Dinner– Kielbasa with white rice, roasted beets, avocado, and a peach 

Leo got a little bite too… And Tripp helped me too! Tripp had some chicken-veggie soup. His favorite! 

Thursday, here we come!! 

Tripp’s Plate Tuesday: Pork

Some nights I take time to “plate”/lay out Tripp’s food on his plate and snap a picture. But MOST nights, I just feed him as I eat– right off my plate! Tonight was a “mama’s plate” kind of night 😉 

Tonight Tripp had:

  • Pork chop seared in ghee then baked (these are from the pork share– so good!)
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Avocado
  • Bubbies pickle 
  • A little tasting of some raw cheddar cheese
  • Bone broth

Yum!! We polished that pork chop off easily. 

So while Dada takes on bath-time, I’m treating myself to the #1 brightening mask from Beautycounter. Check it out through my online store (shop here!) and see my “mask” night routine below!  

Happy Tuesday, y’all!!