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Tripp’s Plate Tuesday: Everything Cold

Happy Tuesday evening! We have had one busy day! But Tripp and I really enjoyed a cold lunch. Part 1 was a green smoothie and part 2…

A plate full of cold stuff! Cucumbers, carrots, pepperoni, yogurt, purple chips… and a pickle

Homemade fermented pickle 🙂

Did I mention we had to water flowers?? Tripp also watered me. Ha little stinker turned that on me so fast. I was trying to sneak a picture of him watering the pink flower… then he sprayed me!

Anyways! I've got a big batch of broth going. I'm weird and love the smell… it's just so comforting! I'll slow cook this overnight then add more bones and new water for a second batch (pressure cooked) then again. Hoping to knock out 3 batches… stock the freezer time!! Although drinking it cold on a hot day is actually really refreshing!

Don't forget if you're looking for a better way to clean and faster, check out Norwex. I'm hosting a party through a friend and have an online link. Do know that when you shop that link, not only does it help me score some sweet hostess gifts (hint hint stuff for another blog giveaway!!) but it'll help my friend too. AND it will be another way to support the switch to safer movement. Here's the shopping link… just click here!!

I used the Envirocloth to wipe down some of my stainless today and I literally told Tripp and Leo to just admire the shine!! Ha. I was amazed. I really do use that cloth for everything. If you're wondering what to try first, I would say that!

I've got a recipe to share tomorrow!! I'll also try and snap photos of what we eat tomorrow for a What I Ate Wednesday post 🙂

Good night!!

Monday: The Return of the MENU

Another Monday has rolled around, but this time I have a menu to share. I am so excited to say I am writing this blog post from my kitchen table. We are settling into our home (finally sleeping here!) and, yes, unpacking ALL. THE. BOXES. I am trying to mindfully go through the stuff in these boxes, but it is hard to fight the feeling of “just put it away and deal with it later” 🙂 I will give a full tour of the home as soon as it looks… presentable/no boxes.

Have y’all heard of Norwex?? Well I am probably behind, but I am just discovering these safer cleaner products and totally digging them!! I currently have a party link (CLICK HERE) if you want to look around. The link will close sometime next week, like Tuesday. I will let y’all know when it closes. But feel free to look around or even shop if you want something! I would greatly appreciate it. And comment below if you want to attend the FB event tonight! 

Let’s hop to the menu!


  • Roasted BBQ baby potatoes with beef, broccoli, and a side spinach salad
  • Sweet potato tots (recipe can be found here!) with spinach salad and roasted broccoli
  • Tuscan chicken spaghetti squash (recipe can be found here!)
  • Burgers with roasted baby potatoes tossed in Tessemae’s ranch (at Publix and other grovery stores in the produce section!) plus a side spinach + peach salad
  • Paleo pizza (with that amazing Bob’s Red Mill Paleo mix)
  • Breakfast options–> leftovers, green smoothies, steel cut oats, chia pudding, or eggs + fruit (secretly pulling for paleo pancakes, but we will see how far I get unpacking ha!)
  • Lunch options–> mostly leftovers, but also have some cold cuts, olives, avocado… anything that can be served chilled

Did you miss my top 8 products I am currently loving?? Well check it out here! And this week I am going to share Tripp (and mine too!) top 8 food items we are currently loving 😉

I better get back to unpacking… go have a great afternoon y’all!