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March Menu

Sooo… This post has been in the works for TWO weekends ha. Things are getting busier (final push before spring break I guess!), so the weekly menus have been thrown together as fast as possible (sometimes the day of!)! My shopping cart usually looks something like the picture above– sweet potatoes, squash, onions, avocado, fruits, chicken, and sometimes an Against the Grain pizza 😉 

So I’m happy to be back and sharing a menu…  here it is 🙂 

March Menu #1

Breakfast- Kale + cheese egg muffins; gelatin and fruit smoothie 

Monday (L) Spaghetti squash bake with beef, kale, onions, and mushrooms; (D) Shredded beef stuffed sweet potato, fried egg topped kale, and avocado 

Tuesday: (L) Spaghetti squash bake leftovers; (D) Roasted chicken with spinach and berry salad 

Wednesday: (L) Roasted chicken leftovers; (D) Taco salad

Thursday: (L) Taco salad leftovers with roasted sweet potatoes; (D) Chicken-spinach-berry salad 

Friday: (L) Meatballs with roasted sweet potatoes, broccoli, and spinach salad; (D) Paleo Meatball Pizza 

The weekend: (B) waffles or farmers market frittata; (L) Tuna salads or “burrito” bowls; (D) Chili stuffed potatoes or salmon with asparagus and white rice (need some recovery carbs from 15.3 Crossfit Open WOD!)

That’s it!! March might see fewer menu posts (should’ve sent this PSA 2 weeks ago ha!). Between travel and spring break… A lot is going on 🙂 Leo is trying to keep up…

Ha 😉 Happy almost spring yall!! And remember you can always follow me over on Instagram… @cookinuplife. Facebook hides majority of my posts, so I’ve transitioned to posting regularly to Instagram! And of course, I’ll be posting as much as I can here on the blog! 

June Menu #2 TBP

To be posted 🙂 I just got in from a wonderful vacation and want to soak in some time with the Cookin’ Up Life crew before the work week starts. Look for a menu post tomorrow!
Leo needed extra belly rubs tonight since I’ve been gone 😉