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Happy December!

Can you believe Thanksgiving has come and gone and now we are 25 days from Christmas 🙂 This is our first year in our home, so we were so excited to get some outdoor decorations for the front porch. And of course a tree!

Leo thinks the tree is cozy… And thinks the tree skirt is a new bed 😉

Our front porch has garland, lights, and wreaths!

David and I had a wonderful paleo Thanksgiving at my parents’ farm. I made the stuffing and pecan pie then helped my sister cook when we got there! Here are some pictures from Thanksgiving.








The pie had some… Chocolate chips in it 😉

It was a wonderful dinner… And since we got the turkey locally from Goose Pond Farm, I made some good turkey stock!

It gelled beautifully… And filled up my 6 blue Mason jars my mom gave me.

When a broth gels… It is a big deal! I was so excited… My grandma thought I was awesome and my parents thought I was crazy. Check out this gelatin rich broth… Talk about some healing power in it.

The jar version grosses people out (that whole jiggle haha) but I just put a jar full in a pot with celery and carrots. Warmed it all up and enjoyed. So good… And perfect for this cold I have.

So that was Thanksgiving 🙂 Now what to have this week!

Weekly Menu
B- Buffalo Chicken muffins from Balanced Bites and avocado
L- Leftover paleo pizza and a salad
D- Roast with celery, beets, onions, and sweet potatoes (crock pot all day)
B- No grain-ola by David with almond milk and berries
L- Chicken wraps with collards
D- Kale sauté with roast
B- Buffalo Chicken muffins with some berries
L- Roast leftovers
D- Taco salad
B- Last of the muffins with berries
L- Taco salad
D- Cabbage sauté with bacon and sweet potatoes
B- Paleo parfait
L- Taco salad
D- Cabbage sauté leftovers
Weekend Ideas
B- Waffles… a market hash… this coffee cake
L- Rainbow collard wraps… Chili
D- Chili with “corn”bread… Crockpot something

That’s it! Hopefully you have a great menu ready for the week too 😉 Happy December!

Thanksgiving Week Menu

This week’s menu is a little different… but I still wanted to share a little sneak peek 😉

Chicken Soup
Chicken and Cabbage Salads
Buffalo Chicken Egg Muffins
No grain-ola by David

This will be my first Thanksgiving knowing what I have to stay away from and I am so excited! Holiday eating always meant tummy aches for me and now I feel very in control of that. Yah for finding a paleo lifestyle 🙂

I am in charge of planning the menu for my family’s Thanksgiving dinner… here are the resources I am using (includes an affiliate link, FYI!).

Danielle Walker’s Against All Grain: Thankful, 20 Thanksgiving Gluten-free and Paleo Recipes— I will be using this for the stuffing and pecan pie. Danielle just rocked this e-book and I know I will use it throughout the holiday season.

Balanced Bites Healthy Holiday Recipes is FREE and full of good recipes. I will use this for the cranberry sauce and sides.

Other paleo blogs have some wonderful Thanksgiving round-ups, so search around the web and have yourself some fun planning your family a Happy Thanksgiving like I am 🙂