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World Market Goodies

Guess what I had for breakfast this morning… leftover Superior fajitas! They make their tortillas homemade and they are divine… I dream of having tortillas like this all the time! I had the leftover chicken and beef (seemed like the mesquite flavor just enhanced over night)! Topped with some of the DC Salsa… Delicious!

Then I had some iced coffee in my first World Market find:

I just love it! When I go in little coffee shops I always lean towards buying one then back out… But last night was the night to buy one! So I did it and was already using it this morning 🙂 Sign of a good buy!

The next few things were just too cute not to purchase! David saw them and said “they would be perfect for blog pics,” haha so I just had to have them 😉

Those are the “veggie” tablespoon/teaspoon measuring utensils… and then we saw these and couldn’t resist!

Cups… how cute are they?! And I will use them a lot! You know what else we will use a lot? A pizza peel/shovel!

David was super pumped… as was I! We have been doing the transfer to the hot pizza stone via hands and well that doesn’t turn out so well… but it worked! The following finds were just extras on the sales rack!

Speaking of rack… that is a towel rack that hangs over your cabinet door. Perfect for apartment living! The towel on there came with 2 others and they are my favorite… microfiber towels!

So there ya have it!

Update on the blueberry pickin’ round 2…. it went better! I even used the ladder to get some of the “big” juicy ones up top! I think when David asked me where I was at… I was over half this time! Improvement! We also bought some sweet red peppers and had half of them roasted right there in front of us 🙂 We had a taste when we got home and they are great! Thinking of making some roasted pepper hummus maybe for this week.

Update on the DC Tennis Tournament… I won the first set (6-2). Tomorrow will be another round… if he wins we will play again the next weekend…. if not I will be champ and we will still play the next weekend haha! We warm up at the “T” and yesterday we hit back and forth 50 times before moving back (numerous attempts to make the goal). Today we went for 60 and did 91 times! Yah!!! This is to make sure you are warmed up before doing the full swing… full court. Ya see what happens during games is I end up coaching him… i.e. he hits the serve into the net I say “snap your wrist and get on top of the ball.” I taught tennis for many years (I think total in a row was around 6 or 7). It was fun, hot, but fun. Many people don’t realize that when you are on the tennis court it can be up to 20 degrees hotter than the heat index (what it feels like)! Crazy! So bring water if you hit the courts 😉

I went ahead and made the Eggplant Surprise tonight when we got in. We ended up having left overs for dinner, but thought we would go ahead and make this ahead of time for tomorrow! It smells amazing!!! I tweaked Chef Pellegrini‘s recipe a little… so I will share the tweaked recipe tomorrow! Check her blog out… super cool chick!

Off to take a bite of Eggplant Surprise!!

Get some zzz’s,