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What I ate Wednesday- March 1st

Here we are in March y’all! It’s my birthday month + spring break month, soooo kind of a favorite around here. And it usually is the month with (in my opinion…) the most diverse weather. And I feel like this is holding true so far 🙂 

Here’s a look at the meals from today… all three from Mary’s (hahahha!)! 

Breakfast… Veggie fritters with sweet potatos and salsa (perfect breakfast!). 

Lunch… meatballs with zoodles and tomato sauce. Flatbread on the side. 

Dinner… chili with avocado! I also enjoyed some “chow chow” while heating this up in the skillet. Very hearty chili! 

Time to catch up on a little sleep (I hope!). Sleep tight y’all! 

Oh and Tripp will be drawing a winner for February’s BC giveaway tomorrow! If you placed an order through the #switchtosafer social link, you were entered. Want to enter the March giveaway?? Just place an order using THIS link before the end of the month 🙂 

Monday Gameplan

Happy Monday night! I almost didn’t post anything tonight, but decided I better get the menu/gameplan out of my head and on here or it will be Friday before I know it 🙂 

We are trying out a Paleo lunch delivery plan with a local favorite in town, Mary’s! Can’t wait… we will get 5 meals each. I start picking those up tomorrow. 

Gameplan… pick a protein and a few sides to make a meal!

  • Proteins- shredded beef roast; beef meatballs; and that yummy (Tripp’s favorite!) chicken from Fed and Fit’s book 
  • Sides- roasted sweet potatoes; roasted broccoli; roasted carrots; Caesar salad (using that delicious Tessame’s dressing on local greens); massaged baby kale salad
  • Mary’s Meals- we will have these for Tuesday dinner then lunches for the rest of the week. 
  • Breakfast– egg muffins and fruit; overnight oats 

Whew. It’s going to be tasty week for sure! And those meals from Mary’s will help out a lot, I know! 

So as I was getting ready for bed tonight, I was reminded to remind y’all about the Beautycounter deal that ends tomorrow! If it didn’t involve products that I literally use everyday, I wouldn’t make such a big deal about it. But this is really an amazing deal on SAFER products… 

SPECIAL DETAILS–> if you sign up and purchase $121 of products + $29 for your Band of Beauty fee, you will receive:

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  • $18.15 Product Credit towards your next order!
  • Giving you $320.10 worth or products and credit for $150

Boom!! Shop here–> February Shopping Link

Ohhh and I survived WEEK 1 of the Crossfit Open. I missed last year, so I am excited to hop back in.

Good night and see y’all tomorrow night for Tripp’s Plate Tuesday!