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8 (end of) Summer Essentials: Supplements

Happy Sunday!

Goodness, it seems like the weeks are getting faster and faster now that school has started. I am starting to see my course come together (good thing, only a week left to prep!), so I am excited to start teaching!

David and I went on a fun trip to Huntsville yesterday to celebrate our 5th anniversary. Among eating some delicious food, which I will share in another post, we stopped at Whole Foods. They were having a sweet sale on supplements and I knew that would be my next top 8 to share.

David and I have particular ones that we take daily, but we try to rotate through different ones each season. Mainly based on new research/new finds, but also based on just the idea of changing things up for the body. I love Mama Natural's Three Things Thursday (check it out here), she shares the most fascinating things. And usually a supplement or two based on the season we are in (or almost in, hello flu season). We are team food first, but like having some on hand!

If you missed the other two Top 8 posts… you can find the Self-Care post HERE and the Snacks post HERE.

Now for our "end of summer" supplements. Most of these we (or one of us, depends on the supp) take during the summer, roughly 3 times a week. But here at the end, we amp it up to just build our immune systems up a bit more.

Disclaimer–> please don't take this as what YOU should be taking. Some of these David only takes and some only me. Always check with your doctor before adding or taking out anything in your lifestyle. 

TOP 8 Summer Supplements

  • Stinging Nettle: David struggles with allergies and this seems to help SO much. It is known to help with respiratory function, so makes sense it helps with his allergies. Find a similar one HERE on Amazon or find the one we got at a Whole Foods.
  • Quercetin: The supplement that I ALWAYS pronounce with hesitation. Ha. This is another supplement in David's allergy tool belt. It works great with stinging nettle and you can even find supplements that combine the two (here is one). Find the one we bought at WF right HERE on Amazon.
  • Cod Liver Oil or Ultimate Omega: I started this in my rotation when I was healing my gut (once I figured out the whole gluten ordeal!). Tripp and I usually take cod liver oil a few times a week when we don't fit in our sardines. And we all take it if anyone is sick or feeling a cold coming on. We keep the omega one on hand for David and myself, but Tripp only takes the cod liver. Yes, he loves it! Find the "omega" one we bought at WF HERE on Amazon or find the cod liver HERE on Amazon.
  • Doterra OnGuard Softgels: I LOVE having these on hand. If I feel like I am starting to get sick, I start diffusing my oils and taking these. I don't ingest oils often, diffusing oils are a favorite around here! Find it HERE on Amazon OR, even better, find a local Doterra consultant to support/purchase from!
  • Vitamin D: As the summer days get shorter and we don't find ourselves in the sun, enter this supplement. Since David is back in school, he aims to take it daily. I try to take it a couple of times a week. Find it HERE on Amazon.
  • Primal Defense Probiotic: When we don't get in our fermented food, we take this! Thankfully we love eating fermented foods, but we don't always remember to get them on the plate! Find it HERE on Amazon.
  • Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides: If you have ever talked to me, you know I basically add this powder to anything. But I do "take" this once a day. It is usually swirled in my coffee or blended in my smoothie. Find it HERE on Amazon.
  •  Golden Milk (AKA, turmeric): When we lived in Tuscaloosa, I always got a golden milk at Manna Grocery Store. It is just a cup full of comfort. If you are a tea or coffee drinker, I bet you would like it. Mama Natural has a great post and recipe HERE. Find the one we got (which has a few more things added in for more healing power!) HERE on Amazon. But feel free to make your own!

Again, this is not a list that you should go add to your daily routine, but these are the ones we are currently liking lately. Cod Liver Oil will always be in my supplement arsenal but the others will come and go.

Well, today is Leo's BIRTHDAY, so we are off to do all things LEO 😉

September Menu #3

Hi!! I hope you all have had a good weekend 🙂 I’ve actually been under the weather this weekend, so this meant drinking lots of broth and using my essential oils. Healing powers in both and along with lots of rest, I’m already feeling better tonight 🙂

Yes… You’re going to notice that I have beef tongue on the menu. It’s just like shredded beef! But way better. Here’s a great recipe if you ever find yourself with a beef tongue. And if you’re interested in some of the “weird” superfoods, don’t forget to check out the newest book from Multiply Delicious!

L- Taco salad
D- Shredded beef (tongue), avocado, carrot salad with a buttered up sweet potato

L- Beef burrito bowl
D- Shredded beef, carrots, rice, and avocado

L- Beef, rice, avocado, and carrots (leftovers from dinner!)
D- Stuffed baked potato with shredded pork
L- Shredded pork “taco” salad (shredded carrots, lime juice, olive oil, and sweet potatoes)
D- Leftover shredded beef with pear salad and baked sweet potato

L- Leftover stuffed potato
D- Leftover chicken on a pear salad with bacon and broccoli

Breakfast for the week:
Paleo Banana Bread (here’s a good recipe!) with eggs and fruit

Smoothie (here’s a great recipe!)

That’s a wrap 🙂 Have a GREAT week!