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Spaghetti, Egg Cups, and Empanadas

Sounds like an interesting week from the title huh? I am excited, David really helped me pick out recipes for this week. We picked from The 21-Day Sugar Detox and Primal Cravings.


As for the empanadas…

The empanadas are out of this world! And that cookbook… Stays in the kitchen 😉

As for the menu, here it is.

Weekly Menu
B- PaleOMG Waffles
L- Taco Soup (recipe coming!)
D- Chicken Enchilada Empanadas from Primal Cravings
Breakfasts/Snacks: Sausage-Egg cups to-go from Primal Cravings; Bacon-eggs and fruit; Orange with nuts; Apple with sun butter; some sort of muffin will be baked Wednesday (my midweek prep night)
L-Taco soup
D- Chicken enchilada soup with rice
*Prep for meatloaf, roast veggies, and purée cauliflower
L- Hot dog salads
D- Mexican meatloaf (from The 21 Day Sugar Detox)
L- Meatloaf leftovers with roasted broccoli and puréed cauliflower
D- Spaghetti squash bolognese (from The 21 Day Sugar Detox)
L- Meatloaf leftovers with roasted sweet potato
D- Spaghetti leftovers
L- Hot dog salads
D- Paleo orange chicken (from Health-Bent blog)

Looks like a tasty week. We just have to finish up the egg cups then we are off the prep day clock!

This weekend was a busy one… Crossfit Candor hosted a hero WOD on Saturday. Clovis– 10 miles and 150 burpee pull ups. It was hard but, like all hero wods, worth it. Happy we could honor a fallen solider this way.

It was awesome having a partner on that 10 mile loop… Very long loop!

We had over 20 people complete the WOD– so awesome and that’s just some of the awesome girls I work out with above 🙂

Post WOD I think the beverage of choice was a Fit Aid. It’s so convenient to have a little store upstairs with paleo goodies! Crossfit Candor supplies all sorts of paleo options!

Anything from Steve’s Paleo is amazing… Love the fig bar!

Leo is ready for bed… So off we go!

Y’all have a great week!

*A special thanks to everyone that supports my blog. I love interacting with you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. And in person, no link for that 😉 I appreciate each of you and love to hear from you!

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Last week’s food and COOKIES!

I totally forgot to share the part 2 and 3 from last week… In case you missed it, here is the link Beef, Bison, and Bacon. Part 1, Beef, covered already so lets check out what the bison and bacon were all about 😉

Oh before I move on to bison and bacon talk… How do you like the “new” look to the blog? I changed a little bit here and there. Nothing drastic, but I wanted to transition to a focus on us newlyweds and our paleo lifestyle! I just want you to see how fun and exciting it is– and I might even have David do a post or two! So let me know how ya like it and any suggestions on what you want to see on here. 🙂

Bison— we made jalapeño bison burgers from Practical Paleo. This was my first time grilling them up and they turned out well. We loved the bison too– kept a nice texture and stayed juicy!

Our bison is from Tropical Traditions- absolutely love! The jalapeño was a nice touch– I just put it on my hot grill pan and placed an iron skillet on it to add some weight. I would rotate it every minute or two until it was nice and charred! I took out the veins and seeds except a little… And guess who chomped down on those?? ME! Hahha I thought I was being sneaky. Back fire on the chef!

Served it on some salad greens… And topped with some cheese (from Whole Foods!), puréed tomatoes (organic/gluten free ketchup pretty much), and guacamole.

Oh yes… And I made sweet potato fries! Love them! Pretty much I just changed up the knife skills to be create long and skinny instead of pretty little cubes. Both great– just roast roast roast!

I think I already shared this– yep, I did, here on the Beef post — but forgot to mention the BACON… Short ribs (method from Make it Paleo by the Primal Palate) browned in bacon fat! And then I chopped the bacon and threw it in the crockpot. We did beef bacon and it added such a deep smoky flavor.

Random. But I am in love with Tulsi tea. Dr. Mercola talks about it here. And the raw honey is such a treat… And helps with allergies.

And on occasion I get one of these yogurts… Amazing. If I was a regular yogurt person I would check Dreaming Cow out– made in Georgia and the quality is outstanding! I usually buy a few here and there… That was a flavored one, I got real wild with that purchase 😉 Behind that… Strawberry spinach salad and tuna-avocado mash up.

Update on the post 13.1 miles- I’m feeling great! I did do the CF WOD yesterday but after a long day today at school- I took the night off. And I didn’t even get home until after the last evening class started. SO I took time to do this post and spend some time in my big blue chair.

Gotta say even if it was a wild day- I was sporting my new shirt and scarf from The Loft! Woohoo! My Loft pieces make any wild day better 🙂

Wild day… But happy I didn’t get caught in that monsoon!!! Whew!

But then… The sun came out 🙂 And wind!! Spring is blowing in… Can’t wait for those higher temperatures to come (Thursday!!).

Lastly, lets chat cookies that work into our paleo lifestyle. I mean I love COOKIES!! I tweaked The Food Lovers’ recipe from Make it Paleo and their blog. Check out the recipe here, N’oatmeal cookies. I did hazelnut flour instead of almond– resulting in more of a muffin consistency, but a bolder flavor! I also did crushed pecans instead of pumpkin seeds. These modifications were simply based on what I had on hand 🙂

The result… A multi use “cookie.” I could see eating these crumbled in coconut milk, as breakfast with a couple of eggs, drizzled with chocolate for a decadent dessert, or just by enjoyed all by themselves.

The verdict… Amazing cookie that I will make again.

Well hope today has been full of happiness and ended with a pretty sunset 🙂