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Randomness and a Crockpot Menu

We have had a wonderful weekend full of family time y’all… Including tons of Leo time. Here is a (long) glimpse into the weekend.

And another video… Because Leo is growing so fast and I loved walking in the woods with my boys.

He loved his time with the Stokes’ family this weekend… The grandparents loved on him and us too 🙂 We got to celebrate their 32nd wedding anniversary this weekend. We are blessed with wonderful parents y’all… Love them both!

I’m thinking of Christmas card ideas… Anyone else? Last year we did a photo card and it seemed to be the easiest option 😉 We need to incorporate Leo and our house somehow… Throw me some ideas if you want. And of course, I started a Pinterest board because why not??

Coffee has become a treat for me… This morning I did a dollop of whipped coconut cream, pinch of coconut sugar and cinnamon, and a sprinkle of cacao nibs. I got the mug in North Carolina, adore it! Thanks to Jaclyn for encouraging that purchase! We have a beautiful pottery gallery just down from us and I hope to eventually get a local mug 🙂

The gallery is close to the red elephant… Speaking of, roll tide 🙂

I have a party tomorrow night and I’m bringing fondue 🙂 I knew that fondue set I scored at TJ Maxx would come in handy more than once! I’m following a recipe from the book, Paleo Happy Hour: Appetizers, Small Plates & Drinks. I still have to post a review of that book– super fun recipes 😉

(Remember I am including affiliate links now in my posts– this helps with blog costs and any help I can get is much appreciated. If you order from my links, I get a small percentage of the sale. Just FYI and a thank you if you do order from the links.)

I also whipped up some muffins using a recipe from Health-Bent’s Primal Cravings: Your favorite foods made Paleo.

A few more pictures then I’ll share the menu (via picture!). I tried the new Woodchuck cider. Oh goodness– it’s amazing! Reminds me, I want to visit Vermont (brewed there!). Anyone have a place up that way?? 😉 We are great house guests (we can cook and clean!)!

It seems everytime I have guests at the house I find something else to unpack (that’s me confessing that I’m still settling in!). I love having water in a pitcher setting out, I seem to drink more and it makes me a kitchen feel more welcoming (and it’s the only thing I have to offer to drink so I have to dress it up people!). Anyways, my awesome in-laws brought us those satsumas (straight from FL!) and (in the deep freezer) deer meat. Delicious!
Told y’all this was some random updates! I just miss posting more than once a week so much. But I will return to more frequent posting as soon as I can. Promise 😉

Colorful farmer’s market haul from Saturday… Heavy on the eggs due to lots of recipes calling for them. Those will last us a while, ha, if I’m lucky. Now I’m thinking about egg drop soup at some point maybe or a nice Cobb salad.

Sleeping. That’s what I need to be doing right now! So here’s the menu folks 🙂

Told y’all it was a crockpot menu. And instead of listing lunch and dinner– my plan this week will be to cook each of these items so I’ll have leftovers for us to eat in case we get busy.

The whole chicken is cooking away as we speak/chat. I’ll pull the chicken off and make some good broth to cook tomorrow. Then chicken soup will come together fast with carrots, celery, onion, and some herbs. Comforting just thinking about that.

Officially looking more and more like fall here in Tuscaloosa.

Gorgeous skies from sunrise to sunset!

Good night y’all 🙂

Full of Fall Menu

Hi y’all! David and I have officially been puppy parents for one week now 🙂 Sweet Leo (who loves his name!) has been such a great puppy this week, but man puppy parenting is draining!

With fall like weather forecasted for this week, I couldn’t help but incorporate lots of cozy fall meals this week… Speaking of cozy…

If this isn’t cozy… I don’t know what is!


Weekly Menu
B- Eggs and bacon with kraut
L- Turkey salads
D- Sunday’s kabobs leftovers
B- Eggs and bacon with Swiss chard
L- Turkey salads
D- Chicken stir fry
B- Eggs and bacon with frozen fruit
L- Chicken stir fry leftovers
D- Paleo Lasagna
B- Lasagna leftovers
L- Turkey salad
D- Crockpot roast with veggies
B- Roast leftovers
L- Chicken salads
D- Salmon with veggies
The Weekend
B- Market veggies with eggs OR waffles
L- Chicken salads
D- Elk meatball pizza OR burgers

Be on the look out for a couple of book reviews and even a couple of paleo goodie reviews this month… Heather of Multiply Delicious has a fabulous book all about seasonal paleo sweets and Kelly of Paleo Girl’s Kitchen has a book filled with entertaining ideas 🙂 And I can’t wait to share about the paleo bars I’ve been enjoying as a quick snack during the day. And one review should be up this week, a review on Sweet Pea Bakery paleo goodies… They were delicious 😉

I hope y’all have a wonderful week! First full week in October and we will get some “cool” weather here in Alabama, yah!