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PaleoFX Day 2 (AKA My Birthday)

I thought I better hurry these PaleoFX recaps up before I forget (although it was all unforgettable…) to 🙂

Did you miss Day 1– here it is, Paleo FX Day 1.

**Happy news– I am on my FINAL EDITS. Meaning I made my FINAL to-do list for my thesis today. Couldn’t be happier/scared haha. Ah the roller-coaster called “graduate school” hasn’t disappointed in the least bit!

So Friday of the conference. Started with the sweet little birthday fairy (thanks Aunt Cindy!) leaving a gift (relaxing bath goodies and this lavender spray that I LOVE!) for me to wake up to. Totally surprised me and just made for the perfect start to the day 😉

David and I got ready for the conference (day 2) which was going to be a long day. Our schedule included– birthday breakfast, conference, open WOD 13.4 at CrossFit Central, conference, and birthday dinner!

We ate at 24 Diner. It was delicious! I got the sweet potato hash minus cheese. Wow– David and I have already started recreating this here because it was delicious.

I got to go to a “focus on women” panel which was full of super cool topics like thyroid, hormones, poop (haha), and sleep! The panel was full of super knowledgable people with diverse backgrounds. Again, I look forward to going back and listening to all of the talks to actually take some notes!

We then left the conference to go to CrossFit Central to complete 13.4. They had a great facility and we enjoyed our time there! The people were so welcoming and nice to us! I somehow slipped out before they had me to do those birthday burpees haha 🙂

We made our way to Whole Foods. Grabbed kombuchas and BBQ. This is the BIGGEST WF you will ever see… I was overwhelmed with how big it was and wanted to buy everything in there haha!

We got back in time for me to see almost all of the cooking demos I wanted to go to! Diane from Balanced Bites (author of Practical Paleo) is above.

That is George and Juli… from Civilized Caveman and PaleOMG (here is her recap of Paleo FX). LOVE THESE TWO! They were so sweet to me and they should totally take that show on the road. Hilarious combo on the stage and just fun!

I literally sprinted (post 13.4 and Whole Foods lunch) to get my cookbook Make it Paleo (by The Food Lovers pictured above) signed. Ha luckily they were walking outside and I ran into them and they so kindly sat down and chatted with me and signed me book (and a little card for Heather from Multiply Delicious, her e-book link is on the sidebar, order it!). Here is their recap video of Paleo FX. They are getting married this year so I talked to Hayley about that and I just wish them all the happiness in the world 🙂

I bought another cookbook (Paleo Comfort Foods) that my friend Ashley raved about– and got to meet the authors (here is their blog)! They are so cool and have the cutest baby– even found out they went diving at the place David and I honeymooned at in St. Lucia (how cool is that?!).
Oh see that treat there? Well the gals with Paleo Treats gave me a mustang bar for my birthday– first b’day gluten free (yes at 25!) and honestly it was the best one yet 🙂 David just made it perfect!

A seafood cooking demo– yum!

David camped out at the exercise stage for all of those talks. He enjoyed going up and meeting the speakers and asking them questions!

Then we made a quick change into dinner attire and headed to Salty Sow for birthday dinner.

The interior designing was awesome– pigs everywhere!

Check out the chandeliers even–

Awesome artwork everywhere–

And the menu–

Outstanding… with the specials too 🙂

We ordered some drinks (I got hog wash haha which was watermelon and mint and similar to a mojito) and just soaked in the menu!

Started with the special appetizer that had a little bit of everything (pate, liver mousse, smoked salmon, etc.)!

Then we had salads– I had the special salad with a glass of Hog Wash Rose haha (the special menu was a couple of pictures above!).

David’s salad pictured below… he had a local beer with his!

They were so willing to customize the menu for me to be sure no gluten got to me. David doesn’t have such a severe reaction as I do so he just sat his bread to the side.

I have the roast with veggies (yes in the pot!) and David had the tuna. AMAZING. Both of them!

David loves treating me to nice meals like this– from the very first date he showed me that and showed me his willingness to try anything (we ordered squid and octopus, yes on the first date!). I sure do love him!

We headed out and decided we better get some of this icecream everyone was talking about from Lick.

I had the Hill Country Vanilla and then some strawberry too. All of their icecreams are from local grassfed cows and all homemade. You can taste it!

Love this picture you see as you are walking out with your icecream!

So funny 🙂 Okay I better stop here… one last recap (day 3) will be up at somepoint this week along with what all I cooked this morning. I moved all of my prep to today because David and I went on a long bike ride (7 miles I think) yesterday. Totally worth it and loved every minute of that!

Happy Monday night!

Paleo FX Day 1 recap

Finally (thanks to Lauren at CF for the encouragement!) I am starting the recap posts for Paleo FX 🙂

The fingers nails were painted and we were all packed up to head to Austin Texas– over a 10 hour drive means you must paint your nails y’all! Ha no the other Paleo bloggers (AKA super stars) were Instagramming and tweeting their colorful nails so I went and bought me an “out of my normal nail color” (natural nail ha) and painted away.

We had the conference program printed and began reading it immediately upon taking off West. Pretty much we wanted to go to every talk… So we decided we would divide and conquer (which didn’t happen but a few times- we had lots of catching up to do!).

After numerous hours of listening to all things paleo in the podcast world we arrived late in the night 🙂

Little side note… We packed a cooler full of food and a basket with snacks to keep us fueled for the drive. This resulted in us spending money only on gas! Score. I made meatballs, salads, roasted veggies, and then threw a ton of stuff in our “Easter” basket 😉

A lot of goodies… Nuts, seeds, paleo cookies, dried fruit, real fruit, jerky, etc. we were golden and wanted to avoid any stomach aches! It worked too– win!

Thursday morning… Haha I felt like it was school picture day! I was on cloud 9– about to meet/run into my favorite bloggers and authors. I think I changed clothes, my hair style, and scarves about 20 times! Anyways, finally got there and checked in. Got our sweet badges and went into the expo. What an expo they had!

First stop… Kombucha table! Locally made and delicious. Buddha’s Brew. So good and refreshing!

David and I were already in our swag bags… These Primal Pacs were delicious!

EPIC bars… Wow! So good– the “true” protein bars. And meeting the founders made it even better- they were awesome! They had 3 different “bases” turkey, bison/bacon, and beef. All were good and The Stokes ordered some to carry the goodness back to Alabama! Can’t wait for them to arrive 🙂

And I hung out a lot at the cookbook table… Haha! I even got to hold Gather (go preorder!!!) by the sweet couple of Primal Palate (also wrote Make it Paleo).

For lunch… La Barbecue 🙂 Food trucks are huge out there!! And so delicious!

We went with pulled pork– they literally gave us a tray, put butcher on it, then served our food right there in front of us. Cool!! Mustard based potato salad as a side… And water to drink 🙂

Made sure to tell the cook how delicious it was… Check out that set up!!

Okay. So. Then. David and I were walking back in (I hope I had David check my teeth for barbecue because little did I know…) and I turned the corner and BAM. Almost every single one of the paleo bloggers that I think so much of and aspire to be like… Pictured above are bloggers from Against All Grain, PaleOMG, Cookin’ Up Life (hahaha me, little ol me, in a blogger gluten-free sandwich!), Civilized Caveman, The Paleo Parents, and my good lookin’ caveman!! Yeah I was in heaven, on cloud 9, and my goodness just like I imagined they were all so sweet!

If you’ve ever asked me for a recommendation on a paleo book/getting started with paleo, you have heard me recommend Practical Paleo. It is practical. It is easy to apply. And has everything you need to know whether you’re a paleo veteran or a paleo baby! Anyways, pictures above is Diane the author! I got her to sign my book 🙂 And then I got to chat with her… As if we were just hanging out. It was cool and I appreciated it so much!

I ran back upstairs for the closing talk by Robb Wolf. Yes, he’s real! Enjoyed his talk a lot. Since we had full access passes I’ll be able to go back and listen to all of the talks and actually take notes. David and I were just trying to soak it all in… Doubt I could’ve taken quality notes that would’ve made a bit of sense. During their presentations, you would find yourself having “light bulb” moments, thinking of someone to pass the information along to, then being like “dang it I should’ve wrote that down!” Haha anyways, look forward to having that option soon!

Summary of day 1– stop stressing, eat, sleep, and poop! Funny but true!

Then David and I headed to the bridge to see the millions of bats (yep, I’m scared of birds but will stand there and watch swarms of bats fly off!) fly off at sunset. Very “Austin” thing to do (thanks for the recommendation Christine!!!).

Haha that was the biggest one we saw… Kidding, geez if bats were that big. It’d be insane!

Ended the day with a cider… A pear cider!

Cheers to a great day 1 🙂

Look forward to posting my pork liver dish soon… Yes. Liver. Like your grandma always told you to eat!