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Monday’s Menu + Thai Turkey Burgers

Happy Monday!

I hope you are all having a great day 🙂 We had a great weekend and ready to kick off another week. I was so happy last night when I found some of the famous spaghetti pie in the fridge… totally forgot I baked that Friday. Perfect for David’s lunch today and my dinner tonight. I should start making something on Friday for Monday and Tuesday lunches. It was almost as fun as finding money in my coat pocket 😉

This week we are really trying to structure meals around the proteins in the freezer. This can be tricky, but with a little planning, all should go well.


  • Spinach salad + shredded chicken (seasoned with my favorite trio–> oregano, garlic powder, and onion powder) + Crispy potatoes (I did these in the InstantPot and now I am going to smash them and stick them under the broiler until the butter melts)
  • Tuna salad sandwiches (tuna + avocado + Primal Kitchen mayo + chopped fermented pickle) + fruit salad
  • Beef + broccoli rice bowls with salsa and avocado
  • Turkey roll-ups or turkey burgers with Jackson’s Honest chips, olives, carrots, hummus, and an apple with almond butter
  • Meatballs with zoodles and carrots with a side salad
  • Creamy chicken soup (chicken, broth, coconut milk, basil, oregano, crushed tomatoes, and other veggies I have leftover!)

MEAL IDEA is a yummy one!! And very versatile. It all started with a random purchase of Thai Coconut Curry Hummus! I LOVE HOPE hummus. It is so good! And this one just caught my eye.

All I did was pan-grill these amazing turkey burgers (frozen ones by Applegate). Then served them on a gluten-free bun with the hummus spread on thick!

I served it with fresh lime, carrots, and avocado. Then a spinach + broccoli + asparagus salad on the side drizzled with my favorite olive oil.

So easy and GOOD!!! I am actually having David grab another pack of the turkey burgers because they are so easy and perfect for lunch.

Y’all have a wonderful Monday night!!

Menu + Meal + Tripp’s Plate

Hi everyone! I am back from a little grace week and a family-filled Easter weekend. Nothing cuter than a little guy in his new outfit for Easter!

Since I am combining 3 posts in one… better get started. Here is what we have cooking this week.

#1 Menu

  • Ham, potato salad, carrots, and greens (AKA, Easter lunch leftovers!)
  • Turkey salads with walnuts, cranberries, and roasted carrots
  • Pork chops, roasted sweet potatoes, and a little kale-lemon salad
  • Beef seasoned with Italian seasoning, rice, and roasted veggies
  • Mary’s paleo lunches–> here is what we get this week
  • Breakfast–> baked oatmeal, scrambled eggs with some fruit, OR green smoothie

#2 Meal idea

  • I know many people think of salad’s as a boring pile of hard to chew greens. Well it is a pile of greens, but what makes it fun are the mix-ins! And recently I have been enjoying the Tessemea’s dressings.
  • Here is an idea… Turkey rolled up with a little Kerrygold cheese, olives, avocado, and roasted sweet potato sticks on top of mixed greens. Drizzled with Tessemae’s Caesar. 

#3 Tripp’s plate

  • Some leftover ham (it came from Whole Foods Market and was delicious!), roasted sweet potatoes, Bubbies pickle (out of olives and these are a great substitute + great probiotics!), and sautéed kale.

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Have a great evening and happy Tuesday!