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Baking with Tripp: Valentine’s Day Prep

Yes. It happened! Tripp LOVES to help in the kitchen, so as long as I give him a job, he stays pretty involved and happy. Sometimes it plays out great and sometimes… not. But it’s always worth the extra effort to let him hop in. Isn’t that the constant struggle in raising a tiny human… remembering to SLOW down and just let them hop in to learn?!?

That little proud smirk in the top right says it all. He was so excited to help make these hearts for some of his special people. He thinks the mixer is almost as cool as the blender… but that oven, yall, he wants to know why it has to BE SO SLOW. Hahah… another step that he really liked, pressing the cutter into the dough. And his ULTIMATE favorite step, testing the dough (top left… caught in action). Ha 😉

I used the “Cut Out Cookie” recipe that is in the book, Against All Grain (here it is on Amazon). A similar recipe is on her blog, here. This recipe calls for almond flour, but if you need a nut-free version, she has that on her blog (right here!) too.

We decorated ours with sun butter and freeze-dried fruit (Tripp’s blueberry-sun butter cookie above!) and then I decorated one with a little strawberry jam (so I could eat it for breakfast, basically!). Last year, I crushed up freeze-dried raspberries and sprinkled on top for a pop of color (serve as sprinkles).

We are leaving the hearts for others plain, so they can decorate/flavor it up however they want. But honestly, I love to eat them plain! I crafted up (if you know me, you might laugh at the thought of that line) a little parchment paper bag. Tripp loves his lacing toys, so we punched holes and he laced some baker’s string through the holes. Crayons aren’t the best on parchment, but we made it work. Each little bag had to have a blue tractor and a red heart 🙂

I hope you all have a great Tuesday.

Are you going to bake something tonight or tomorrow? Or do you like crafting little happies? Y’all don’t go crazy with the parchment paper bags… haha I know those are going to take off in craft land!!

I’m back… With a helper! 


That’s right… In October, Cookin’ Up Life will add a new team member! David and I couldn’t be happier to add another mouth to feed around our table. And I think Leo is super pumped to have another human in the house 😉 

I’m still going back and forth on how much to share on the blog. Since I’m ending my first trimester, I’ll do a big post on how the first 13 weeks went. Then might just do short updates with my menu posts. Or separate ones in case you would rather just see a menu 🙂 I just know I have loved reading about other bloggers’ pregnancies. It helped me so much! Especially in the first trimester when only a few people know about the little happy growing inside of me! 

Totally honest here— I haven’t cooked but maybe once (besides melting coconut milk for chia puddings!) in the first trimester. The smell of cooking any foods have ended badly around here, so David would either cook while I was at work or I would pick up something on my way in. I think/pray I’m coming out of that! 

So I’m doing a different type of menu this week to ease back into planning. I’m picking 3 meals to cook up and will throw in some pick-up meals here and there to give me a break (or in the case leftovers sound bad). I’ll plan the meals so we will get 6 servings out of each. 

April 20th Meal Plan

  • Spaghetti bake with spinach
  • Baked chicken with rice, wilted spinach, and broccoli
  • Meatballs with farm fresh salad (Thursday our we start getting our CSA baskets… Can’t wait!)

That sounds manageable and tasty… as of now 😉 I will pick up lots of fruit (my favorite thing right now… Any kind!) and some veggies like celery and carrots to have for snacks. I’ll continue to whip up my chia puddings for the mornings and might try a smoothie here and there. We have a Vitamix now! But so far that has been too much liquid first thing in the morning… So maybe it’s time to try those again! I also will grab some whole milk yogurts– I’ve incorporated some dairy back in. Hard cheese and yogurt has been great things to have at work. 

Yall have a wonderful week… And feel free to leave any pregnancy tips in the comments 🙂