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Morning Runs Begin.

Good morning… yes, you read that right, running before the sun rise is now on my schedule.

As my best friend, Heidi, says… Mornin’ Sunshine!

In order to get a run in (training for a half marathon with a friend), we have taken on morning runs.

It is beautiful (dark at the beginning) and about 30 degrees cooler than 7pm. This will go down 3 times a week. I am taking a class in July as well so I need to be up and going early in order to get everything done in a day.

The key to squeezing in a run or workout or quiet time before sunrise…. Get ready I am about to spill the garbanzo beans!

It is to make a list of what you need to accomplish the next day and lay out your gear (mine-clothes and shoes with water bottle) so you can just roll out of bed and go! Also get in bed…. EARLY! Just make yourself do it… I function better on 8 hours, but can handle 7 hours of sleep.

These are the running shoes. Brooks. Love em’. I look forward to strapping them on… the color makes me happy too 🙂

Now I need to finish my coffee and oatmeal. This morning I cooked oats with the coconut milk then added chia seeds, ground flax, raw coconut butter, blueberries (of course), cinnamon, and raw honey! Here is a look at the new coconut butter I bought… I am pumped about it!! As of now I am right on schedule… so I better wrap this up and get to studying.

To summarize: If you get up early you should go to bed early. And when you see the sunrise and realize you already have one thing marked off the list you made the night before you will feel awesome and motivated!

Have a wonderful day!



Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!! I hope everyone enjoys a day off of work and gets out and takes in all the sun they can 🙂

Remember practice safe… sunning, boating, cooking, and driving!

The Distance for Disaster Run for the Tuscaloosa Red Cross went great Saturday! My running partner and I felt like it was a great way to ease back into running/races. Guess how much money was raised???

(you guessing…)

Close… $6,000! Isn’t that wonderful?!

After the race, David and I watered the DC garden…

and had a green smoothie (post will come later on that).

Then we took off to the lake to be with his family for the weekend. Fun filled weekend 🙂

Thank you to all the people who are fighting (have fought) for our Country! We love and appreciate you VERY much!

Happy Memorial Day!

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