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The Big Short Story

I couldn’t decide between “big” or “short” so I combined them into the best title for this post… I’ve got a ton of links and info to share with y’all but it’s going to be short segments.


I’m within 48 hours of defending my thesis, yepee!! Honestly I’ve started oh about 5 posts since Monday and yet to finish 1! Lol so I decided I’m cramming them into one big short story… Hang on tight 😉

Stuffing sweet potatoes… It’s where it’s at y’all. It takes minutes to “bake” one in the microwave. David and I usually half one and then load it up! Tonight we will probably stuff one with tri tip 🙂
Another yummy addition- local egg fried up and placed on top. Avocado on the side.
Speaking of eggs… I scored my normal local dozen with a big ol goose egg! Pretty much it seems like it’s equivalent to 3 chicken eggs. It was cool cracking that!
Eggs… They’re pretty. Little sunshines 🙂
That’s one of many breakfast bowls lately– kale, asparagus, bacon, and egg. With a little kraut– yah probiotics!
Almond flour pancakes– from Primal Palate. Delicious and makes a breakfast just pure enjoyment for us!
Last breakfast bowl of late- this morning’s David threw together. Tri tip with a fried egg, a little raw cheddar cheese, and kraut. Amazing!
Favorite breakfast… Katie Did’s paleo oatmeal. Local strawberries and a little crunch on top.
Hint: An item that I’ve recently reincorporated upon finding a paleo version.
Against All Grain’s paleo vanilla granola. Ahhh so delicious!
Soaking the nuts and seeds overnight make a huge difference– your body can digest them easier! And for my recovering digestive system, I’ll take any help I can get!
I followed her method– except I don’t have a dehydrator SO I set my oven on 200 degrees and stirred the granola around every 30 minutes. It takes a while but well worth it– like 3 hours. You want the moisture level way down so it’ll be nice little “crunchy/chewy” clusters. Nailed it. I ran out of raisins so I did some apricot in the second batch (I had 2 baking sheets of the granola).
My recent stock up prompted the granola and Against All Grain shared the recipe on Twitter that night. It was destiny 😉 Know what else was destiny– those unsweetened banana chips. Ingredients– coconut oil and bananas. Lol! Love it– you have to check labels. And most importantly, the ingredient list. I’m learning a lot more about ingredients thanks to…

Rich Food Poor Food by The Calton’s… I’ve been reading a little before bed each night. And The Primal Mind, Primal Body by Nora Gedgaudas . I think I’ve (and David too) seen an improvement in my sleep… Scratch that. I know I have, thanks to the transition from Pinterest (lol) to reading my She Reads Truth devotion then a book before bed. Look away from the light and into a book!

More food. Favorite snack– The Bu kombucha and EPIC bar!

I love the roughly 3 minutes it takes to create that– paleo mug cake. So good! Topped with strawberries and coconut milk (full fat!).

Gut Healing gummies this week– black cherries, combo of lime juice and water, and the Great Lakes gelatin.

What happens when I run out of my market eggs on a non market day? I buy The Country Hen eggs! And check that ham out– Maverick (great brand) Ranch. Oh and the La Croix water in orange. Uh-mazing!

Sunday night we had paleo (cauliflower) tortillas for taco night! So good! Thanks to David for dominating the tortillas using Slim Palate’s recipe (love that blog!).
Seriously go look at his blog– the pictures are breathtaking. Post thesis I’m getting back into my “big girl” camera– thanks to the gorgeous inspiration I am seeing from the paleo blogging community.
Speaking of… I have had some request for some blogs. I thought I would name a few: Slim Palate, Primal Palate, Multiply Delicious, Against All Grain, The Paleo Parents, Civilized Caveman, PaleOMG, Balanced Bites, Nom Nom Paleo, should I stop? Hah SO many… I will try to link to each one so you’re just a click away 🙂 Least I can do with the BIG post!
Maybe you should take 2 sittings to read the lol! This is why I try to blog often– if not it gets out of hand!

Tacos were amazing.

Ghee, garlic, and rosemary are amazing on chicken. With balsamic. Bam. Primal Palate nailed that in Make it Paleo.

I had leftovers on a big ol salad. My kind of chicken salad 🙂

Organic pears are on sale… I’m happy. They’re pretty and delicious on salads with local feta and pecans!

And here’s a picture of the chicken the other night– haven’t had chicken in forever!

Subbed tuna in that salad– tasty!

The tri tip rocked– so pretty! Everyday Paleo recipe– link in my weekly menu post 🙂

Now to sit back and enjoy some Modern Family and The Middle!

Big long post over 😉

Midweek Cookin’

It might be a rainy day… But I’ve got my little home smelling amazing! According to the meal plan, I am cooking up PaleOMG’s barbacoa. I did Google barbacoa, I’m being honest here. In the back of my mind (and the iPhone auto correcting it to barbecue), I was convinced I looked at it wrong and continually checked the recipe. She probably got 50 views… Just from me lol!

It’s a 2 step process– cook on high for 6 hours, shred, add some more ingredients, cook for roughly an hour. Bam. Barbacoa. I’ll share how we end up plating it later… I have an idea 🙂
Although we did throw in a lot of peppers… Praying we can handle the heat! Ha! We might be shedding tears… tears of tastiness! I’ve got a gameplan in case it is off the charts spicy.

Oh yeah, speaking of cooling down, don’t they look all nice and cool? Those are the gummies we made Sunday night– doesn’t that look all summer like? I think it’s the watermelon colors going on. I followed Primal Palate’s method and used our local/organic strawberries in place of blueberries. They have grassfed gelatin in them… Therefore they’re good for the gut (think of the good stuff in homemade broth just in a powder from you can add to anything!)! We used Great Lakes Gelatin (unflavored).

If you are wondering the how and why… Here is a great post from Food Renegade about this superfood!

I’ll just be honest again… Last night I had a bad night with the whole digestive system. So today I’ve been drinking my La Croix water and eating my safe foods. And of course the gut healing gummies! Feeling better this evening, but with my past experiences I know to take it easy post-bad night to allow my body to heal itself. Sounds all hippie… But it is true. The cause… Sugar and some hidden gluten that I wasn’t aware of 🙁

And happy news!!! I’ll be defending next week. Woo!! Finally. Finally! Send me happy, peaceful, and smart thoughts and prayers next week 🙂 Thank you for all the encouragement along the way… You know who you are!!

We have had some beautiful days lately and I’ve let my office window stay open to enjoy them. Makes work a happier place 😉

Some food updates… That y’all need to incorporate!

First up, a microwave mug cake from The Wannabe Chef. No coconut or nut flour! Just banana, egg, almond butter, and cocoa powder (I did less since I use Nutivas powder which to me is stronger). I added chia seeds to thicken it a little, pinch of sea salt, and some cinnamon. Since I left out the sweetener, I drizzled this with a tiny bit of maple syrup. And threw some flakes of coconut on there. SO easy and fast!

Second, the egg muffins. A little story…

I had the oven on 400 roasting sweet potatoes… And while I waited the 5 minutes for the fat to melt (I throw small globs on and let it melt then stir it, thanks to Hayley at Primal Palate for that tip!) I thought “ahh, must bake egg muffins” to remind productive while the fat melts…

I threw together 6 eggs, diced bell pepper, and sun dried tomatoes into a bowl… combined that! Then poured into 6 muffin cups (silicone rocks!). Before popping them in, I took the sweet potatoes out to toss and decided to pick a few to throw in the egg muffins (like 2 cubes in each). So good!

You see, I got sidetracked, post throwing both items into the oven. And all of sudden I could smell the eggs. Ha so I sprinted and rescued them from the oven. And they were monsters! No harm done and they were delicious 😉 Whew!

Third, salmon! Ah love salmon nights. I always jump to searing and cooking the salmon first and for the first time I finally saved it for last. You see it takes no time and you want it to be warm when served 🙂 Light bulb!

Therefore, I started with the sides. I sautéed some kale in pork lard with sundried tomatoes. Added a splash of apple cider vinegar and plated that with a little feta for topping!

Then I took my previously roasted sweet potatoes and previously baked bacon and threw in the pan… I smashed the potatoes and let those get warm (don’t walk about from these guys they will burn!). Plated that. Called them smashed bacon sweet potatoes!

Finally the salmon 🙂 More pork fat (high quality from US Wellness Meats) went into the pan. Rinsed the salmon filets (from Vital Choice) and patted dried then sprinkled with sea salt and pepper. Threw the salmon in the pan (same pan!) skin side UP. Let it cook until it was almost done… Then flipped. Hit with some lemon juice which causes a little steam action. Then plated that with a little herbed butter (high quality grassfed butter from Kerrygold). So good!

Well I’m off to Crossfit– going to take it easy tonight since I’m in somewhat of a recovery mode 😉 Looks like a fun one though… A team WOD with 3 movements and you rotate rounds. Whoo!

Happy Tuesday… I mean Wednesday!!