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April Menu #2

Well I’m sliding in here last minute with the menu, but it’s here! This weekend was busy, but such a great weekend. My mom came down and helped me landscape the front of our house. She also helped me style up the front porch. She has a green hand when it comes to flowers and outdoor living so when I requested a weekend of outdoor help for my birthday, I knew I was doing something right.


20140406-215601.jpg We had a full day of work getting all of that into the ground– she also transplanted hastas and day lilies from the farm for me to use. That helped a lot! Anyways. Super fun and a great birthday gift 🙂
Menu time, because I need to hit the hay!
Breakfast: Cacao chia pudding with dates (just using the dates as sweetener); eggs and roasted root veggies
L- Bacon wrapped chicken thighs with spinach salad topped with walnuts and grapes
D- Shepherds Pie
L- Shepherd’s Pie leftovers
D- PaleOMG’s Spaghetti Pie
L- Spaghetti Pie leftovers
D- Pot roast with carrots and sweet potatoes
L- Pie leftovers
D- Meatballs with zoodles
L- Pot roast leftovers
D- Skillet salmon with whatever veggies are leftover

In case you didn’t see, I did a guest post over at Against All Grain! A big book review roundup– go check it out here and see what paleo books you need next!

And if you’re here because of that post, welcome to Cookin’ Up Life! I’m so happy you are visiting the blog :)>

Real Pancakes

One of my favorite things to eat are pancakes. They are so versatile and you have to try pretty hard (flashbacks to cooking without coffee resulting in pancake batter gone bad) to well make “bad” pancakes! Even when you don’t have the traditional toppings, butter and syrup, you can make it work. I have transitioned into no butter and just a little maple syrup most of the time. I always put some sort of fruit on it in the form of preserves or fresh fruit. I have also been known to put coconut butter or a nut butter on them. I know crazy… 🙂

Lately I have been making pancakes with different types of flour, but this time I wanted something with a little All Purpose Flour. In comes Martha. Martha Stewart that is… her Basic Pancakes recipe looked wonderful. I followed her recipe precisely… all you need is flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, milk, butter, and an egg. Not bad if you ask me. These were perfect pancakes. Fluffy… sweet… but not too sweet… airy… just good.

About that garden… whew. That is what happens when you get engaged, in a grad program, plan a wedding, and get married. OH, and go to St. Lucia following that 🙂 I have put away my pride and showed you the before. It was hard… David and I love our DC Garden and it was painful seeing it “let itself go.” Well we let it go… gardens need lots of attention… point well made above. If you want a garden, know it has a time commitment. A fun one, that we love, but it will take time 🙂

Ah, the clearing starts. See isn’t that better 🙂


Pretty. We are thinking about planting some things for fall. BUT we discovered some yellow jackets’ nests and some ant beds. We are hoping they fizzle out and find other homes so we can plant!

The one thing we didn’t take out… the bloomed (herbs bloom when you don’t cut them) chive plant. It was pretty 🙂

I hope Tuesday has been just terrific for you. We are going to experience some cool temps in the coming days! Ah! Fall… it is ALMOST here. Makes me want some hot tea… in my awesome new red kettle. It is adorable! Matching cups came with it… Le Creuset!

Speaking of… it is whistling at me! Tea time then off to CF.