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Menu & Meal idea Monday! 

Happy Monday night! I hope everyone had a nice weekend. It was a 3-day weekend for us 🙂 And one spent at the farm for Tripp and I (Daddy went hunting!). 

 I have two things to get into this post so I better get to it! 

Side note, our Green Chef box didn’t arrive until Thursday. Since we both were going out of town for the weekend, we threw the meats in the freezer and the produce/ingredients in the fridge. So you’ll see those this week instead 😉 


Monday– chicken soup; Green Chef meal #1 (Irish burgers)

Tuesday– steak salads; Green Chef meal #2 (chicken thighs) 

Wednesday– turkey salads or Green Chef leftovers; Green Chef meal #3 (salmon)

Thursday– Turkey salads; pork roast rice bowls 

Friday– pork roast rice bowls; gluten free pizza night

Breakfast ideas– overnight oats with fruit; green smoothie with almond butter gfree toast; egg bake 

Now for a quick and easy meal idea… chicken soup! 

FAST 5-ingredient chicken soup for ONE

  • Cooked and shredded chicken (around 3-4 ounces)
  • Cooked rice (around a 1/3 cup)
  • Chicken broth (roughly 1 and 1/2 cups)
  • Salt and pepper 
  • Green onion 

Round up the above ingredients (minus the onion), warm up in a little pot, and garnish with the onion. Done! 

Tomorrow night will be Tripp’s plate Tuesday… can’t wait to share what gets on his dinner plate tomorrow night 😉 

Tuna Cake Recipe and a late April Menu #4

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend. We visited family and couldn’t have had a better weekend 🙂 Leo even swam in a pond for the first time… And turned into a professional soccer player (with a basketball… Shhh don’t tell him!). I’ll share some pictures then hop straight to the menu (retro posting half of the menu).

Farmer’s market haul from Saturday morning. Everything from eggs to broth making bones.

Traveling essentials. For reading, Eat the Yolks, you must go check it out! I covered it in my Spring Book Reviews over at Against All Grain. Side note, she has a new cookbook (and baby) on the way! Pre-order Meals Made Simple here 😉

The soccer player.

The diver.

And a Happy Easter it was 🙂

As for the menu… Here is what we have had and plan to have this week.

Breakfast: Dinner leftovers has been a big breakfast this week; muffins from Primal Cravings; eggs and roasted veggies.
L- Beef and veggie stir fry with rice
D- Tuna Cakes (recipe below!) with spiralized veggies
L- Tuna Leftovers with salad
D- Leftover beef and rice stir fry
L- Chipotle taco salad (paleo on the go!)
D- Cottage Pie
L- Cottage pie leftovers
D- Pan-seared chicken with asparagus, mushrooms, and carrots
L- Big salad with lots of veggies from our Snowsbend CSA basket with whatever protein we have leftover!
D- Breakfast… Nom Nom Paleo’s bacon pancakes or maybe an old favorite, market hash!

I made the cottage pie with extra veggies (added asparagus, mushrooms, peas for green beans, and carrots) and subbed sweet potatoes for b’nut squash. Super good. I love one skillet meals!

As for the tuna cake recipe. Keep in mind, this should be adjusted according to the tuna you use and just adjusting your starches as you mix the tuna cake mixture.

Cookin’ Up Life: Tuna Cakes
Remember adjust accordingly as you go. If it looks too “wet” then add more potato flour or coconut flour. This made 6 medium/large cakes. 


4 5oz. cans of Wild Planet Tuna (like this one)
1/4 cup of Potato Flour (add by the tablespoon, to monitor batter)
2-3 tablespoons of Coconut Flour
3 eggs
Half of a small spaghetti squash (shredded after baking and cooking with a fork to become spaghetti then chopped with a knife)
3 cloves of garlic, chopped
Splash (~1 tablespoon) of Pickle Juice (like this one) OR use stock or water
Fresh rosemary and oregano (if you don’t have this, use the dried variety)

For the tuna cake mixture:
Drain the tuna and throw it into a big bowl. Separate the tuna with a fork and add in your spaghetti squash. Whisk 3 eggs and add to the bowl. At this point, I started mixing with my hands (like I would with meatloaf). Slowly add in your flours (alternating between sprinkling in and mixing with your hands). Add the chopped garlic, herbs, and pickle juice (add liquid of choice, pickle juice just adds a salty zing!). If it is a little too wet, add a sprinkle of coconut flour (if too dry/crumbly, add pickle juice, stock, or water). Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Divide into 6 medium sized cakes.

To cook:
Heat 3 tablespoons of coconut oil in a skillet over medium heat. Cook each cake until golden brown on each side. You will have to add more fat to the pan after each batch of cakes. Depending on how hot the skillet is, it could take around 5 minutes per side before you flip the cakes. Be patient and do one cake to start you off… trust me. You will want to taste test 😉

To serve:
Breakfast style- Serve cold with a drizzle of olive oil and maple mustard (like the one from Steve’s Paleo Goods). Greens salad topped with kraut and grapefruit on the side.
Lunch style- Serve warm along side a salad with avocado and lemon. Add some roasted veggies of choice. Or, as pictured below, do a mozzarella-cucumber green salad with the tuna cake (and I threw in what zoodles we had leftover).
Dinner style- Serve warm over spiralized (using this one!) then steamed zucchini and sweet potato. Drizzle it all with a honey-mustard-olive oil dressing!





I hope y’all try these out! Feel free to tweak the recipe how you need and according to what you have on hand. Be flexible with this one- that is the secret!

Next recipe I’ll share will be for this “primal” lasagna…

It isn’t ready yet because the cooking time is off and the sweet potatoes didn’t finish like I wanted. Promise it’ll be perfected soon!

Until then go get The 21-Day Sugar Detox Cookbook so you can try the Cottage Pie.

I subbed out the butternut squash for sweet potatoes 🙂


It will rock your world!!

Have a wonderful rest of the week y’all 🙂

Curious about Paleo? Check out the Stokes’ Paleo 2.0 post 🙂

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