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Menu + Meal Idea–> Monday 2/20

Happy Monday, y’all! I almost forgot about sharing our gameplan for the week. Once again, we had a good selection of proteins in the freezer, so I planned around that. 

Prepped food:

  • Ground beef with salt, pepper, turmeric, oregano, onion, garlic powder, and cumin. 
  • Grilled steak
  • Jasmine rice cooked in broth
  • Pressure cooker potato salad 
  • Pumpkin oatmeal breakfast cookies
  • Pumpkin snack bars
  • Chopped celery and carrots

I also have some salad greens, a bag of green beans to sauté, and a bag of cauliflower rice. I plan on browning a pack of sausage and making some meatballs out of ground turkey or chicken midweek. I’ll also roast sweet potatoes in some ghee and salt/pepper. 

Basically when I have the chance to prep this much, I kind of toss the idea of a menu and go more with “choose a meat and a couple of sides” and eat! 

Meal idea(s)… let’s talk breakfast. You probably noticed the pumpkin breakfast cookies. I pretty much modified this recipe to fit what I had on hand. It’s like baked oatmeal in cookie form! And what about a snack? I did these pumpkin bars (but added molasses for some nutrients!) for a snack… Tripp approved! I serve mine with chocolate chips for a fun sweet treat 🙂 

And lastly,  I have so many recipes in this cookbook to try. And honestly this potato salad was tagged but more for that first summer cookout. Well it was so beautiful Sunday, I decided why wait for summer?!? A mix of Primal Kitchen mayo and mustard and celery… a pinch of paprika… and you’re looking at a fun side. It really did spruce up my lunch today!

And something about pressure cooking just makes you feel like Iron Chef worthy 🙂 Ha. 

Side note, y’all don’t forget my #switchtosafer Beautycounter Social is still going on. All orders placed through that link in the month of February will go into a drawing! The winner will get a bag of samples. I’ve had some fun BC parties so far this month… here’s a little clip from this weekend’s 😉 

Good night and happy Tuesday! 

    Tripp’s Plate Tuesday: Fed and Fit Chicken

    I told Tripp I needed him to test some Super Bowl snacks for me 😉 So he had a “Super Bowl prep” spread tonight! We made The Frizzled Chicken Bake from the Fed and Fit cookbook

    Cassy has a wonderful blog and is so fun to follow through social media. If you want an uplifting and POSITIVE person to help you out with a healthier lifestyle… she is it! I just started listening to her podcast too… fun stuff.

    So Tripp’s plate: chicken (recipe in the cookbook), broccoli, sweet potato “fries,” and olives.

    A little coconut water to sip on… and please don’t think the “plating” stayed like this while he ate. I fix it all pretty ONE night a week ha. The silicone cup with ketchup and his drink stayed with me– I assist him with those. Everything else stays though for him to pick and choose from 🙂

    And we tried the Tessamae’s ketchup (pre-made paleo ketchup sweetened with dates– y’all this is AMAZING!!!) for dipping. He was a fan 🙂 Tripp is really into “dips” right now.

    And Leo was too… well he was a fan of Tripp sharing his dinner. Leo was waiting on me to have him “clean up” in that picture. And that was Tripp’s “UH OH” dropped it/hey Leo I’ll look innocent while you eat that face.

    I have my hands full with these two.

    Happy Tuesday!