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Snowflake Cookies

What makes a perfect Christmas cookie???

1. Must be easy.
2. Only need a few ingredients.
3. And they need to be quick cooking.
4. Flavor should be flexible enough to please everyone.

Background on the cookies… I had a good friend that I would go visit a lot when I was younger… her mother made these and since my first Snowflake cookie I have given this cookie the title that every cookie dreams of… “The Best Christmas Cookie.”

So here we go… all you need to do is pick your favorite cake mix. My favorite cake mix is lemon….

Snowflake Cookies
2 and 1/4 cup of Cool Whip
2 eggs
1 cake mix of choice (lemon, chocolate, strawberry, etc.)

And the great thing about the ingredients… they were buy 1 get 1 free at Publix this week!

You will also need:
-Non-stick spray for your cookie sheet
-Confectioners Sugar (Powdered Sugar) to roll your cookies in

How to:
1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.
2. Combine your eggs, cool whip, and cake mix. (Don’t over mix your dough!)
3. Take 2 spoons and get a little dough and put it in your dish for a roll in the powdered sugar. Don’t touch the dough until you have a little powdered sugar on it or it will stick your hands 🙂
4. Just put your powder sugared dough balls on a cookie sheet that has been sprayed with non-stick spray! (Don’t flatten the dough ball.)
5. Bake 10-12 minutes.

Get your set up ready!! I do dough bowl, powdered sugar dish, and then the cookie sheet directly next to the sugar. This will decrease the sugar getting everywhere in your kitchen.

Grab your 2 spoons and start dipping!

I usually do an oversized tablespoon sized ball. Lightly roll it around in the sugar and get it on the pan.

Lightly roll it around in the sugar…

Then get them on the pan.

This should be a fast process… play some Christmas music and you will have your first pan of cookies (mine had a whopping 30) in no time!

You should be able to get 2 pans of cookies out of one batch of dough (around 50 cookies). You can easily make how many ever you need and store the dough in the fridge if you need to. I wouldn’t for more than one night though.

Depending on your oven… I would set your timer for 10 minutes. I let mine go an extra minute. There is no “golden brown” to look for to see if the cookies are done… Think of it like baking mini cakes. The center of the cookies should be done… if you are worried take a tooth pick and poke one. Be sure the toothpick doesn’t have any dough on it. Just like the toothpick trick with cakes 🙂

Aren’t they pretty??? They all have a unique design thanks to the powdered sugar. Unique just like snowflakes! I gave some to the 6th girls in our Sunday school class…

David and I went together and gave a donation (in the form of buying chickens!) to Samaritan’s Purse in honor of our wonderful class!

We do have some cookies leftover… I am going to try not to eat them all haha 🙂

To even it out I bought a cute box of these guys at the store…

I will probably bake some chocolate snowflake cookies later in the week. Since the cake mixes were BOGO I got chocolate too.

Now go bake some cookies… we are ONE week away from Christmas!



Appetizer Idea

David had a wonderful birthday (thanks to our CrossFit family!!!)! His birthday extravaganza started with a cake by his Mom when we were in Brewton! And it set the bar high for all other birthday happenings 🙂

I went to 3 Christmas parties yesterday… and it reminded me that we all need something quick and easy (stress-free especially) to have as a go-to for Christmas parties! There is a meatball recipe at the end of the post… they would be great and so easy!!!

This morning I found myself sucked into Lifetime Christmas movies… I mean I have been working VERY hard on this Saturday… hahah 🙂 I will admit, I got some of my Christmas decor out and now I am looking at all my Christmas decorations in the floor… I guess I need to decorate before December 25 🙂 Why does school take priority over decorating?? Well not today… it is Christmas decorating time!! If I ever get out of this trance… this post has taken at least the length of 2 movies!

Maybe looking at my snow pictures will help out! Or some of the cookies that the Zone 56 kids decorated at THE Christmas party!!! I didn’t get a picture of the other cookies that had an entire tub of icing on them… we were too busy daring one another to eat them…. “eat, eat, eat, chew, chew, chew!!!”! HAhaha fun fun!

That is some sweet action!!! I ran into these this morning at the grocery store…

I sent them to my sister and said Merry Christmas!! Haha… is it just me or did the package color change?? Coke turns white… Little Debbies turn red. Merry Christmas 😉 And now for that meatball recipe… remember these?

Well here is the link: Meatball Recipe! Speaking of which… I have some in the oven now I need to check on! Then Christmas decorating… promise!!

I think the reason why I am avoiding the decoration thing is because of Pinterest. I mean I have practically decorated my current apartment and future house pinning things on different boards! And reason two, I went to put my wreath on the door and realized I have lost my door hanger… so I guess I will have to run to Target 🙂

Stay warm,