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Grace Week and Parties

David’s birthday was last week, so the menu planning was all about his birthday dinner…


He wanted paleo shepherd’s pie and blondies. And that’s what we had 🙂 It was great! The rest of the week consisted of a big pot of chicken soup.

The rest of the week looked like chicken salads…

Or a plate like this (ready in 10 minutes)…

I call that “grace week.” What is that?? It’s where I cook with no plans. Take a week off from menu making 🙂

We also both have been sick and we are happy to be feeling better finally! Hoping everyone stays well! This was our first sickness really this season. I conveniently had a lot of turkey broth to drown the sickness in… And I also bought a more natural remedy…

I made sure to hydrate with herbal teas, get in probiotics (kraut and kombucha), and that syrup pictured above. I took Mucinex once and Benadryl twice. I was curious to see how my body handled sickness now that my gut health is better. Although I knew this bug was a tough one from friends, so patience was a big part. And a sick day and a half. Beauty of a real job now!

We got our Christmas cards! How exciting is that… I can’t wait to send them out 🙂 My sweet friend Jamie took the photos and made the cards, I love them. Merry Christmas to you all 🙂

Have y’all finished decorating?? I still have a few things I intended to put out but I guess they will just stay in the box. David did surprise me with that Scensy! I have had my eye on it since my friend showed me her Scensy book… But talked myself out of it. Well David walked in with it last week. Love him 🙂

Leo still loves our tree 😉

Okay, now menu time before it’s a grace week all over again!

Weekly Menu
Breakfast Options
Bacon, eggs, and frozen fruit; a new recipe for paleo granola; spice muffins towards the end of the week
L- Chicken soup (recipe here)
D- Taco salads with cauliflower rice, salsa, and avocado
L- Taco salads
D- Short ribs with carrots and greens (using a recipe from Against All Grain)
L- leftover short ribs with sautéed greens and carrots
D- Meatballs and cabbage with sweet potatoes
L- Meatball leftovers
D- meatball salads with roasted veggies
L- Beef stir fry
D- paleo pizza
The Weekend
More Christmas parties 🙂

Got that at the Candor Christmas parties for the ladies… Pjs and an ornament swap. Scored the bacon and eggs 🙂

Y’all have a great week!!

Happy December!

Can you believe Thanksgiving has come and gone and now we are 25 days from Christmas 🙂 This is our first year in our home, so we were so excited to get some outdoor decorations for the front porch. And of course a tree!

Leo thinks the tree is cozy… And thinks the tree skirt is a new bed 😉

Our front porch has garland, lights, and wreaths!

David and I had a wonderful paleo Thanksgiving at my parents’ farm. I made the stuffing and pecan pie then helped my sister cook when we got there! Here are some pictures from Thanksgiving.








The pie had some… Chocolate chips in it 😉

It was a wonderful dinner… And since we got the turkey locally from Goose Pond Farm, I made some good turkey stock!

It gelled beautifully… And filled up my 6 blue Mason jars my mom gave me.

When a broth gels… It is a big deal! I was so excited… My grandma thought I was awesome and my parents thought I was crazy. Check out this gelatin rich broth… Talk about some healing power in it.

The jar version grosses people out (that whole jiggle haha) but I just put a jar full in a pot with celery and carrots. Warmed it all up and enjoyed. So good… And perfect for this cold I have.

So that was Thanksgiving 🙂 Now what to have this week!

Weekly Menu
B- Buffalo Chicken muffins from Balanced Bites and avocado
L- Leftover paleo pizza and a salad
D- Roast with celery, beets, onions, and sweet potatoes (crock pot all day)
B- No grain-ola by David with almond milk and berries
L- Chicken wraps with collards
D- Kale sauté with roast
B- Buffalo Chicken muffins with some berries
L- Roast leftovers
D- Taco salad
B- Last of the muffins with berries
L- Taco salad
D- Cabbage sauté with bacon and sweet potatoes
B- Paleo parfait
L- Taco salad
D- Cabbage sauté leftovers
Weekend Ideas
B- Waffles… a market hash… this coffee cake
L- Rainbow collard wraps… Chili
D- Chili with “corn”bread… Crockpot something

That’s it! Hopefully you have a great menu ready for the week too 😉 Happy December!