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Last Minute Menu

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Almost got caught up in this pretty day and forgot to meal plan– no worries, here it is 🙂


  • Sunday
    Brunch– Paleo Strawberry Pancakes (recipe link here– I altered it just a little)
    (Snacked between working out and house work)
    Dinner– David grilled burgers– pictured at the end of the post 🙂
  • Monday
    B- Omelette with kraut (use the same mixture for egg muffins)
    L- Leftover burgers with salad
    D- Leftover burrito bowls (method at the end of the post!)
    *Lay out salmon and rump roast.
  • Tuesday
    B- Egg muffins
    L- Tuna Salad
    D- Salmon with veggies
  • Wednesday
    B- Smoothies
    L- Salad with boiled eggs and bacon
    D- PaleOMG’s Rump Roast recipe
    *Lay out ground beef.
  • Thursday
    B- Egg muffins
    L- Leftover roast
    D- Taco salad
  • Friday
    B- Smoothies
    L- Leftover roast
    D- Taco salad (lettuce wraps)
  • The Weekend
    B- Banana pancakes, paleo no oatmeal, or sweet potato hash
    L- Salads with leftover protein
    D- Fish tacos (must happen!), salmon with veggies, or out to eat 😉
  • Snacks
    EPIC bars, green apple with nut butter, boiled egg with avocado, nuts with dried fruit, smoothies

Looks like a great week! We had tons of good food and fun times this weekend so I thought I would share a little “Instagram” recap.

Campus is just getting prettier by the day.

And for now, while we are below 80, my office window will be open. I am praying no birds fly in.

We got out delivery (ordered them at PaleoFX, forgive me, the last day recap never came up since we had the giveaway!)! EPIC bars… go check them out! David and I are in love 🙂

My sweet friend had her first bite of a macaroon and (like me) fell head over heels. Therefore, we baked our first macaroons this weekend. Turned out great for our first time– tasted amazing! Here is the link to the recipe/method we followed.

The A Day (Spring practice) was this weekend in Tuscaloosa so we always ride our bikes over for that. We had a great time and made a full day of biking out of it– I think we ended up around 10 miles total (with some hills!).

David and I love Chipotle, so we decided to do our own take on their burrito bowl (the way we get them anyway– we order their carnita burrito bowl minus beans and rice with mild salsa and guacamole).

Here is our method:

  1. First layer- Shred cauliflower into “rice” and then throw that into a pan with half of a diced onion and coconut oil. Saute for 5 minutes (or until onion is soft) then add in lime, salt, pepper, and cilantro. Turn down to low while you get the other items ready.
  2. Second layer- Brown some high quality beef (local grassfed from the market!) with some spices such as chili powder, cumin, garlic powder, etc. (our homemade mix is here).
  3. Third layer- While the beef cooks, chop your veggies. We did cherry tomatoes, bell pepper, carrots, and avocado.
  4. Throw all your layers into a bowl and eat up! We added some drops of tabasco and lime then garnished with cilantro.

The “rice” is spot on! Loved this meal so much 🙂

We also grabbed two ciders we haven’t tried before and did a little tasting. Enjoyed both of them!

I bought 2 plantains (spur of the moment) and sliced them into “chips.” I tossed them with olive oil and spices then baked– similar to this recipe. We loved them!

Ah the strawberries were perfect at the market this week SO that means strawberries will be showing up more in my meals. I also scored some fresh local feta– thinking a nice strawberry-feta salad with balsamic and pecans will happen this week 🙂 Anyways, I ran across this easy recipe and decided it was perfect for Sunday morning. I love the method of throwing the eggs in the blender– I totally agree that it adds fluffiness! I did lower the amounts of salt and vanilla– and drizzled mine with grassfed butter. David said these reminded him most of “old fashioned” pancakes. Agree! Funny because these are sans any nut or coconut flour.

And tonight David made some delicious burgers– after seeing Heather with Multiply Delicious post about making some burgers I decided it needed to happen. Also, the weather today just begged for it. Since we don’t have an outdoor grill area we just fired up the stove and used our amazing All-Clad pan to cook the burgers. We topped them with feta and dill pickle kraut– had lots of veggies on the side.

I prepped the porch after we got in from the gym for dinner outside. We poured us some wine and had dinner in the Spring fresh air 😉 After dinner we made some gummy snacks— excited to see how they turn out (they have some gut healing powers!). We used out fresh local/organic strawberries from the market…

Oh, speaking of the market, I got some wonderful goodies Thursday and Saturday leaving me little to grab at the grocery store. I scored feta, strawberries, grassfed ground beef and rump roast, asparagus, carrots, kale, and radishes. Yum!

Have a wonderful week of eating whatever you want!!


Eating on the Couch

Happy Monday! I am just sitting here attempting to dry off… I had to ride through the rain. Mind you, I did let it ease up a bit before taking off, but still. Luckily this was after I taught… or I would have been rocking the wet pants during lab.

Instead I got to come home to nice bowl of chili. Turkey chili to be exact 🙂 I have been dealing with a bit of seasonal sinus pressure fun… so soup has tasted so good!

With the rain today and more rain tomorrow I think this will need to be on your menu this week! And honestly, I am all about eating meals at the table, but something about the earlier sunset and the (coming soon) cooler temps, things just taste better on the couch. So turn up the AC (if needed), get a blanket, and get this chili in a bowl. It is good… and to give credit where credit is due… David pretty much created this recipe by himself. He rocked it!

Turkey Chili (just that because some dishes don’t need a fancy name)
Will produce around 8-10 bowls

1 pound ground turkey (Bought the 93% lean)
1 small onion (diced)
4 cloves of garlic (minced)
2 28oz cans of diced tomatoes
1 15oz can of black beans (rinse before using)
1 15oz can of light red kidney beans (rinse before using)
1/2 cup of water
1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
1 tablespoon chili powder
1/4 tablespoon paprika
1/4 tablespoon garlic powder
1/4 tablespoon cinnamon
Salt & Pepper (healthy pinches of both)

The how-to:
1. Get a large pot warm over medium-high heat. Start with your turkey and brown it (salt and pepper lightly).
2. Scoop it out into a bowl or plate, leave the fat (shouldn’t be a lot if you bought lean) in there to saute your onion in. Once your onion starts getting a nice clear look to it, throw in your garlic, salt, and pepper.
3. While that cooks, open the cans of tomatoes and then rinse the beans (stirring the onion mixture occasionally). Dump the tomatoes, beans, water, and spices in and give it a good stir. Add the turkey… almost forgot!
4. Let it come up to a boil, then turn it down to simmer for about 20 minutes.
5. Serve with some pita chips or anything you have on hand! Enjoy at the table or relaxing on the couch 🙂

You could easily do this chili in the crock-pot/slow cooker… I just decided to pull out the Le Creuset.

I just love my lovely pot holder set I received as a wedding gift… so pretty! You can get it here, Anthropologie. Thanks Heidi!

Maybe I didn’t use my crock-pot so I could use some of my cool new kitchen stuff 🙂 Love my red trivet– thanks Leanne!

Go make some soup and I would do serving option 2 (eat it on the couch)!

*Expect a pancake recipe tomorrow… and before and after shots of the DC Garden. Operation clean-up went down this weekend and was successful!