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Christmas Eve Eve

Merry Christmas Eve Eve! Did you know it is December 23??? I couldn’t believe it. And I couldn’t believe I had everything ready to head home this morning… I looked like Santa loading the gifts 🙂 Well after CrossFit (so sore from this week!!! And the burpees, geez, day 100 come on!!!) So I looked like a Santa who is sore from Crossfit or an elf that roamed away from the North Pole… Sorry I have been watching Christmas movies!
Here are a few I’ve watched: Elf, Santa 1,2,etc., Secret Santa, Christmas Vacation, 12 Dates of Christmas, Alvin and the Chipmunks… I could go on. The only movie I cannot watch until Christmas Eve is White Christmas. Tradition to watch it on Christmas Eve with Mom and Sister… No watching it early!

So who knew basic brown wrapping paper would be the hardest thing to find??? After 4 trips to the local craft store I finally found my brown paper (not at that particular store but at Rite Aid!!) and stamps with an ink pad (at craft store haha)! I highly recommend buying a few different stamps with some brown paper for all your wrapping needs! It’ll be great year round! Change up your string and stamp then you’re ready for a birthday or Valentine’s or whatever else!

I poured myself a glass of fantastic wine (thanks Carly!!!) and wrapped everything last night so it’d be ready to head to the farm for Christmas!

I had a wonderful fried egg salad before heading home today… Super greens mix, 2 fried eggs, hummus, and pita chips. Orange on the side and a mason jar full of… H2O.

Traffic wasn’t too bad… Nothing a little Christmas music can’t help! Thanks to DJ Kristen mixing me a great CD to listen to. Sure did pass the time quickly 🙂 Upon my arrival, I had my parents open up a gift each! I’m not good at waiting hahah so I had them open 1 each… Oranges for Daddy (the cuties you’ve seen on tv… He loves fruit and they come in an adorable crate; he was more excited about that than anything else I could’ve gotten him. Mom feeds him but he always jokes I shop for food better haha) and wine for Momma! Then Mom and I scurried off for some antique shopping!

I love antiques… Especially when they are from my family. But I also love shopping and purchasing some of my own. I love talking to the store owners… Especially the ones who can tell you stories about your purchases. Or tell me that she observed me looking around and it seems I gravitate towards primitive items meaning I have a primitive taste (insert sweet southern lady accent). She was an interesting one, that one! Then we got tied up with 2 sisters who sucked me in and was chatting it up with me and after 15 minutes I noticed mom was no where to be found and I went “Momma…” I thought she left me! She said she almost did… Haha I was telling them about my screen door head board… They loved it. Anyways we escaped and made it to another store where a precious lady who had to be in her 90s told us all she knew about the pieces we were purchasing. She was sharp and will probably outlive us all… She rocked. People I can’t make this stuff up. I could go on but I want to show you what I got!

I bought a wooden crate/box. I showed this to my dad and he said you paid for that?? Hum Yea I paid… $1… (Plus $14)… And I found a penny in it so technically I got “paid” to purchase this! Anyhow, he said he had a barn full of them… I’m going tomorrow and checking that out. Excited! No telling what I’ll find… I’ll post about that adventure… No worries as long as birds aren’t involved or I’ll run like a school girl out of the barn… 🙂

This particular box I had to climb for… But when I walk in stores I always make sure to look up and down and everywhere! Never know where they will hide things. Anyways, this box, was used a very long time ago to ship ammunition. If you look closely you can see a stamp/imprint of some sort of ammunition brand. In the same store, I almost bought a wooden chair… It was adorable and had sat through many stories you could just tell by looking at it! It was an old church chair she said… Therefore, if that chair could talk… Lord it’d write a novel worth of good stuff! Very nice but I didn’t have a spot in mind… And I must remember I have a 1 bedroom apartment/home 🙂

I also bought an adorable green tea cup and a beautiful blue lemon juicer/measuring cup. The juicer has slits so the juice goes directly in the measuring cup. It also comes off and can be used as a basic measuring cup. The blue glass is just gorgeous!

Mom scored some coffee cups from the Frankoma pottery collection that she loves and a wooden tray from Mexico (it has an adorable hand painted print on it). I’ll take pictures of her finds soon! So we said good night to the sweet town and headed home for some soup!

Chicken Posole… Warmed us right up! Then I opened a gift…

Roll tide!

I’m cozied up by the tree and going to head to bed soon! The 5+ cups of the strongest (and tastiest) coffee has officially worn off. Haha 🙂
Stay calm and enjoy Christmas,