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Happy 2014 y’all!

I joined the crowd and did a Flipagram to recap 2013! David and I have had a wonderful year. Here are some note worthy events:
January– Snow, the flu, and a CF competition. We also committed to a paleo lifestyle after a very tough fall 2012 (autoimmunity at an all time high). A very wise decision… I’m not sure what my health would look like right now without that commitment. Crucial timing… And I started meal planning.
February– Our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple and our first 21 Day Sugar Detox.
March– I got to celebrate my 25th birthday in Austin, TX. My first birthday in my paleo lifestyle and we were at the PaleoFX conference. Very cool and got to meet paleo celebs!
April– Focus on my thesis was at an all time high (as was stress). Paleo cookbook release season started 🙂
May– Defended thesis and house hunting (and job!) was at an all time high. The roller-coaster of life was really taking us up and down! But we kept our faith that it would all work out.
June– We closed on our home that we fell in love with (June 6th). I got my first job as a research project coordinator at the UA Center for Ethics and Social Responsibility. I also started to learn how to play chess this month– a main component of the initiative I work with!
July– Danielle of Against All Grain asked if I would be interested in helping with book reviews and I couldn’t have been more excited! First book review had me trying my hand at kombucha 🙂 Also had the shortest blueberry season we have experienced here in Tuscaloosa, but still got out to the organic farm down the road from us (we have went at least the last 3 years) for some berries to store for the winter.
August– School started and my first semester as a (non-student!) UA employee began. Settling into my new life/routine was my big focus– hello spiritual growth! I also started seeing a ND/acupuncturist here in town! But what takes the cake this month, David and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary. It couldn’t have been more perfect– included lots of local food and we even created an anniversary WOD to do each year!
SeptemberCrossfit Candor opened their doors and my husband couldn’t be happier working with the Candor family! We also expanded from the Stokes duo to trio when we got our black British lab, Paleo ‘Leo’ Stokes!
October– We were making our way through puppy parenthood and hosted our first family dinner in our home this month. Downtown Northport really started to feel like home! We love the area and even experienced some of the attractions of the cute downtown (the stores, Kentuck festival and park, the walkability, etc.). Also a stray cat showed up… She’s now well-fed and her name is Kitty Kitty.
November– Football took over the weekends but we found ourselves wanting to stay at home with Leo on gamedays instead of going to tailgate and to the game. Leo supported that decision 😉 Thanksgiving was spent at the farm with my side of family. It was a blast and all paleo (for family functions I have to at least keep it grain free, medically)! My sister, mom, and I used Against All Grain’s Thankful, Balanced Bites’ Thanksgiving e-book, and Gather from The Food Lovers. My sister ordered a turkey from a local farm… Needless to say, with all of that local goodness, we made the best broth in Cookin’ Up Life history. It gelled y’all!
December– From Christmas parties, Dickens Downtown just down the road from us, and Christmas travel took over. Also Hallmark (Christmas) movies 😉 Our first Christmas season in our first home was perfect– even decorated the porch and had the best lookin’ Christmas tree we had ever seen (even upgraded our lights for the tree, clear lights now). We also traveled from the middle of Alabama to the top and bottom and Leo loved every bit of it! What an awesome family we have 🙂

I hope y’all had a great day before 2014… Here’s the video 🙂

Blessed and excited for 2014!

Happy New Year y’all!

*Don’t forget about the giveaway– check out this post for all of the details.

November Menu

I hope y’all had a great weekend! I’m actually getting to bed early tonight… So this post will be short and sweet. Speaking of sweet, did y’all check out my review over at Against All Grain?? Check it out here!

So it’s November. Holy moly!

Okay. Menu time!

Weekly Menu
Breakfast options
David’s paleo crunch/fruit/coconut milk, Banana (pumpkin spice) chocolate chip muffins (slightly modified from Taylor Made it Paleo), eggs/bacon/fruit, smoothie
Snack options
Green smoothie, kale chips, protein leftovers with fruit, tuna salad
L- Chili leftovers (sharing that recipe later… So easy!!)
D- Tuna salad OR tuna cakes
L- Tuna salads
D- Chicken Sausage Stir Fry with kale and sweet potatoes
*Happy birthday to my sister!!
L- Tuna salads
D- Stir fry leftovers
L- Meatball salad
D- Spaghetti (squash) and meatballs
L- Spaghetti leftovers
D- Celebratory anniversary dinner for Mom and Dad Stokes!
Weekend Ideas
B- Waffles will happen!
L- Beef stew OR chicken taco salads
D- Hamburgers or fish (our neighbor brought us some freshly caught fish– can’t wait to cook that up!)

Leo update… He’s 21 pounds. Almost 12 weeks old. Knows how to sit, go to his “place,” “kennel up” or go to bed, and loves playing with his newest toy a tire! He will be flipping it in no time doing his own Crossit WODs 😉

He’s also been a social butterfly this weekend so he wanted to go ahead and get to bed around 8:45. So we didn’t say no to that… Because he woke up at his normal time (4:45AM) but didn’t acknowledge the time change. So yeah up at 3:45AM on a Sunday 🙂 We were all ready for bed!


Y’all have a great week and I look forward to posting more this week… Including a “veggies” post, book review, and hopefully a recipe! Setting the bar high 🙂