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8 Summer Essentials: Smoothie Edition

That is right… you read that title right… SUMMER! Y’all, fall doesn’t officially start until Friday. SO I am slipping in one final summer essentials post 🙂 And what better way to wrap up summer than with our favorite smoothie ingredients! Tripp and I were having a smoothie for breakfast almost every morning. It has now shifted to a smaller version (mainly to get some greens in him!) for post-nap/afternoon snack.

Top 8 Smoothie Ingredients:

  • Camu Camu Powder— tart and loaded with nutrients! Thanks to Mama Natural for this recommendation. Tripp even like his bananas or avocado sprinkled with this.

  • Spirulina— powerful and turns anything GREEN! A little goes a long way with this add-in. It has a powerful flavor, so start small! Tripp also likes this sprinkled on his food. Anyway to get those nutrients in right 🙂

  • Collagen— basically flavorless and loaded with nutrients that we all need. I add this to my coffee, tea, but we LOVE it in our smoothies.

  • Coconut Oil— or even a good quality olive oil (or cod liver oil… ha). Just throw some fat in there. I usually alternate between olive and coconut. A little goes a long way.

  • Hemp Seeds— a little crunch! I usually sprinkle these on top if we enjoy our smoothie “bowl” form. Or throw them in the blender if we need to grab and go with our smoothie!

  • Maple Water or Coconut Water— we LOVE maple water, but settle for coconut water. Both have hydration covered and love the hint of “sweet” flavor it brings.

  • Banana or avocado– I usually pick one. Sometimes I hate using my avocado in my smoothie… love it mashed on a salad or for dip. So usually a frozen banana will win out, plus my overripe bananas usually get thrown in the freezer, giving us a natural sweetener.
  • Frozen berries + spinach– I LOVE having berries in my smoothie. If I want a really green one, I will leave out the blueberries and only do strawberries with my spinach. SPINACH is always thrown in there though!

Check out the other posts in this series HERE (supplements) and HERE (snacks) and HERE (self-care). I am still working on our menu post… as I talked about in the dinner video last night, it is on the chalkboard and we are eating! Ha.

Have a great Wednesday!!

Chicken and Rice: Version 23452 or something like that

Happy Friday!

I hope you all were able to catch me last night as I got our dinner going. I was live on Facebook 😉 The night before I went live on Instagram for a little dinner prep (Tripp was jack hammering in the background…). It has been fun this week sharing “in-person” what I am cooking. I love sharing that way to pair with the blog posts– makes me feel a bit more connected! I have also noticed I am more likely to share our meals that way 🙂

We basically had the boring chicken and rice but I “chickened” it up/kicked it up a notch with some veggies and one BIG short cut. Here is what I did/used:

  • Chicken–> Thrive Life grocery box, rehydrated and threw in with the cauliflower rice! Talk about a big short cut there.
  • Rice–> Riced cauliflower sautéed in coconut oil, seasoned with salt and pepper
  • Veggies–> I pulled zucchini, broccoli, and kale from my Thrive Life grocery box and stirred in with the rice and chicken mixture. Poured a little broth over this and tossed over low heat until they were rehydrated and warm.
  • Cilantro–> I cut some off my plant and chopped and threw in (didn’t even de-stem)
  • Coconut aminos–> THE best, a “paleo” soy sauce like product
  • Oils–> a drop of ginger and a drop of lime 
  • Olives and Lettuce added the next day for lunch 🙂

I have had a lot of people ask about the Thrive Life groceries (and I see why… I did too when I first heard about them!) and why you have to put in information at the beginning. Well first, you DO NOT pay for anything until you select a ship date (please know that!). So don’t worry about this. This “pre-information” is needed to show you the options you have (there are so many!). You can buy one thing, a BIG box full of food, a small box with a little food, OR get a nice variety starter set and get paid for your boxes. There are so many options and I am so happy to help you decide what is best for you!

Y’all go have a great weekend!!