Leo turned ONE and Weekly Menu


Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend. This past week we not only celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary, but we also celebrated Leo turning 1! Here are some pictures I took with his “birthday meal.” … Continue reading 

Weekly menus are BACK!

Happy weekend everyone!

I hope you all are enjoying the weekend. So far we have had a little sun and a lot of rain. We needed the rain, so no complaints here and happy to nap right through the rain showers :) As for the sun, I was happy to get a WOD in and soak up the sun.

This weekend David and I are actually celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary. Our anniversary is technically Monday, but wanted to go eat at our favorite place tonight, Epiphany. We also created an anniversary WOD… we do “as many rounds as possible” of 8 pull ups, 11 push press, and 12 air squats in a set amount of time (this year it will be 14 minutes… since it is 2014). I am sure at a certain year we will start going backwards… maybe 2020 we will reverse the minutes ;)

As for the main topic of this post… WEEKLY MENU! Yes, they are back and I am so happy that I took the break from planning menus. I really didn’t think it was necessary, but it was nice stepping away from a structured plan for the kitchen and just cooking what we had on hand with no plan :) But with school starting and me carrying my lunch to work now, a plan is necessary. You will notice that I will throw in pictures here and there… that was an idea from a (brilliant) co-worker and I love it. So my goal will be to post the menu from the week before so I can share the pictures. I know everyone doesn’t have Instagram (where I post daily), so I want to share the visuals here too ;)

Let’s get to it.

Weekly Menu for August 11th -August 23rd

Breakfast options: Eggs with leftover veggies and kraut; smoothie with Great Lakes Gelatin, blueberries, banana, avocado, and coconut oil; boiled eggs with grapefruit and “bulletproof” coffee (coffee with gelatin and ghee and spices)

Snack options: Fruit and Nick’s Sticks grass-fed beef snack sticks; sardines


Lunch: Salmon (or any wild sourced seafood), salad with olives and corn (typically not on our plates, BUT it is organic and local from our CSA basket)


Dinner: Rubies and Radishes | Lazy Sunday Pot Roast


Lunch: Leftover roast with sweet potato fries and mushrooms


Dinner: Taco salads


Lunch: Roast leftovers with salad

Dinner: Taco salad leftovers with organic white rice and cantaloupe

taco meat


Lunch: Chicken with spinach salad and sweet potato

Dinner: Roasted chicken (another Rubies and Radishes recipe) with brussel sprouts, greens, and roasted sweet potato (topped with ghee)



Lunch: Tuna-spinach salads with fruit

Dinner: Farmer’s Market frittata… eggs, sun-dried tomatoes, kale, rainbow chard, bacon, and avocado (also some pesto)



Lunch: Spaghetti squash, greens, and Italian beef


Dinner: Butternut Squash Paleo Lasagna from Health-Bent 

That is a wrap… hope you enjoy the menu :) I am not planning Sunday meals, as I am sure you noticed. That allows us a day off to prep and plan or just relax! Have a great night and let me know if you like this new “visual” menu!

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