Recipe Recap #1: Squash Boats

A couple of weeks late, but I still remember how yummy this dish was!! Ha.

So confession. Yellow squash just isn’t my thing. It is not my favorite… I like zucchini better. I will eat yellow squash, but it always seems too mushy or the skin too tough (I promise I am not picky!!).

When David shopped for this particular week’s meals, he came in with a bag full of yellow squash. He is great at shopping those deals, but MAN, I was not excited about it. He on the other hand was so pumped at the money he saved (lol). I started googling around and finally decided it would be my main ingredient in a cookbook special (hence the series…).

I actually waited around and almost let these go BAD!! Ugh. I hate when that happens! I already had some shredded chicken prepped and came across these boats in the cookbook, Fed and Fit. I knew I had to whip them up.

I love this cookbook and it has quickly hopped to the top 3 I recommend when people ask me how to go about eating more real food.

Why didn’t I think of this?? SQUASH BOATS. Filled with taco-seasoned chicken. This was SO EASY. And tasty and I actually enjoyed the squash 🙂 WIN!!!

Do you like squash? Or are you also leaning heavier on the team ZUCCHINI side?

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