April Menu #3

Happy Monday!

Y’all, we went to the Bloomin’ Festival in our town this weekend… it was so fun!! Tripp really enjoyed the tractor/train ride 😉 I grew up going to the festival here and there, but haven’t been (obviously!) in years. Arts and crafts and music and did I mention the tractor/train ride?? Ha. And we tried a new restaurant in town (Tripp said “the cool place”) for post-church lunch. Such a fun weekend!

Can y’all believe we are looking at the last of APRIL?!? I think some of us are happy to say BYE to the weather April has brought us, but yet not ready for the hot summer heat (that we know will come!). I am actually giving a final exam next week (I think the students are past ready for summer!!), which kind of blows my mind (and also reminds me to MAKE the exam…).

Anyways, this week’s menu kind of happened last minute. I usually do one big grocery store run per week, but we ended up going to the store TWICE this weekend. David went and got some things to pull us through the weekend and the start of the week, but then we ALL went Sunday and wrapped up the grocery haul. I do love a grocery store run, but I think it is because it is once a week. HA… twice about done me in y’all (and that Publix race car buggy…).

I flipped my normal routine and went to the store first and then made my menu. I don’t recommend this lol but it is possible and a great way to shop the sales.

So a messy menu, but I got our ingredients into 5 meals that will feed us this week and fuel us well 🙂 Here’s the gameplan:

  • Ground beef, roasted sweet potato fries, brussel sprouts, and cucumber slices (Paleo ranch for dipping and optional kimchi tossed in)
  • Pork chops, apple-kale salad, and roasted zucchini
  • Meatballs (with ALL the veggies added in!), mashed cauliflower, and kale salad
  • Beef burrito bowls with rice, avocado, carrots, and salsa
  • Breakfast 🙂 Eggs, paleo pancakes (this will be the cookbook feature to share!), and fruit salad

I totally never reported back on the cookbook feature last week… great way to kick off a series (LOL). BUT I plan to share that one and this week’s THIS WEEK. Promise 🙂

Have a HAPPY Monday night!!

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