April Menu #1

Happy April y’all! Whew. These last couple of weeks have flown right on past me. I even turned 30 somewhere in there…. ha!

It seems like our weather has me planning nice cold salads for the hot days then a few days later I am making a pot of chicken soup for the chilly days! Gotta love Spring in Alabama 😉

Here’s what we are enjoying this week:

April Menu #1

  • Roasted brussel sprouts and carrots, organic white rice, and shredded chicken
  • Baked sweet potato, wilted kale, ground beef, and marinara sauce (topped with a sprinkle of cheese)
  • Kale-lemon salad, chopped carrots and cucumbers, shredded chicken (drizzled with paleo Caesar dressing)
  • Taco salads with ground beef, romaine lettuce, chopped carrots, avocado, and salsa
  • Turkey burger, mashed potatoes, peas, and a little salad (with any leftover veggies!)

We actually leave for a big road trip Thursday, so I’ll be making a large container of avocado chicken salad to take on the road and maybe some meatballs and roasted veggies. Those seem to be easy to eat at a rest area. I plan on sharing our road trip snack essentials after the trip so be on the look out.

Excited to be back to sharing our eats!! And guess what?? We have eggs!! Woohoo! And clover for days 🙂

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