Spring Fever Menu

Happy Wednesday!!

I let this weekend get away from me (blogwise ha… no worries I kept up with Tripp!) and missed putting together a menu. So what did I do instead?

Well, besides chasing Tripp, I just winged it! Tripp and I went grocery shopping and just picked out things that we thought looked good. Sometimes it is fun to go list-free and wing it… if you have a cute wing man like Tripp 😉

To make this week a little easier, I decided to have a mini prep day this past weekend and then a big prep day yesterday. We picked up a lot of fresh veggies, so I put Tripp to washing those at the sink (risky I know… lol but it is just water!) and got to work.

Weekend prep consisted of:

  • Cooking ground beef (seasoned with onion powder, garlic powder, salt, and pepper)
  • Cooking riced cauliflower
  • Roasting some broccoli

Tuesday prep consisted of:

  • Roasting brussel sprouts
  • Instant Pot shredded chicken (just chicken and a little broth and salt/pepper
  • Followed up the chicken (leaving the cooked liquid in) with Instant Pot white rice (I did 1 1/2 cup of rice with 3 cups of broth)
  • Made a big bowl of kale-lemon salad
  • Spiralized 3 zucchini (Tripp LOVES doing this and eats a lot of it while we are zoodling lol)
  • Microwaved a batch of mini sweet potatoes (not my usual technique, but hey, it worked!)
  • Laid steaks out to thaw

Splitting up batch cooking/prepping helps so much! It takes the time commitment down, obviously, and doesn’t dirty up the kitchen (as much…). It just felt like the best use of my time this week.

I will throw different meals together with these items and top them with different sauces to change up the flavor. From salsa to paleo Caesar dressing to just some good ol’ avocado, this will make this “wing it week” into a successful one. I did grab some tuna, arugula, cucumbers, and chips for side salads and snacks. And fruit! The blood oranges looked so awesome and Tripp thought those were cool… and the fresh organic strawberries were on sale 🙂

Maybe that spring fever is catching up with me haha we did spend a lot of time outside this past weekend 😉 Here’s to an exciting SPRING FORWARD weekend… halfway there!

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