Second Menu of February


And good SUNDAY morning to you! It is a rainy one here, but hey, gotta have a little rain to make you appreciate the sun, right? 😉 This week has had a mix of both and I feel like we have tried to find the joy in it all. From playing in the rocks to playing chase outside with Leo to jumping in the puddles, we have had fun 🙂

I feel like I haven’t shared a lot about the #farmlife so here it is…

  • One of my dad’s cows (if you watch my stories on Instagram, you probably feel like you know them all because we LOVE them!), had TWINS! They are two little black cuties… so sweet to watch them both (and praying they both are champion nursers and stay close to mama!).
  • Llamas… doing good and as quirky as ever ha. Tripp and I are trying to gain their trust (Tina is quickly coming around), so we are giving them a little extra attention most mornings. We have been feeding them, but we are actually trying to hang out a little while they eat.
    • We have to make THREE little piles (plates as Tripp will say) of food. I still have to watch Layla… she is not the best at sharing (insert eye roll… she is so curious).
  • Lastly, we spotted a bald eagle!! I am hoping to see it again. I feel cheesy saying this, but it was magical! I was watching him/her then all of a sudden, disappeared!
  • Oh and along the lines of birds (who would have ever thought I would be BIRD WATCHING?!?), we have a pair of hawks I have been watching. They are beautiful! As we get closer to moving a coop in for hens though, I get a little nervous (I mean they are predator birds!). But I think “Heidi and Harry” (the hawks) will behave.

So this week I am feeling a little less like sticking with a menu. BUT even when I feel like this, I know if I don’t make a gameplan of some sorts that I will end up wasting time around meal times. Or making rice bowls every night (ha… nothing wrong with those!). And with Valentine’s Day being this week, I do want us to have a little something extra special!

February Menu #2

  • Shredded beef, rice, roasted sweet potatoes, and kale… a nice rice bowl meal allows me to make additional bowls for David’s lunch.
    • Side note–> I usually do something like this to pack him for a few days
  • Mashed potatoes, shredded beef, carrots + paleo ranch, and a little green salad on the side
    • The Thrive Life mashed potatoes are MAGICAL!! Literally get hot hot water and whisk in… so prep time, just the time it takes to boil a little water.
  • Steak, butternut squash puree, gluten-free roll (coming from our favorite, Mason Dixon!), and Caesar salad
  • Sausage, cauliflower rice, asparagus (so easy to toss that in from my Thrive Life stash!), and avocado (this is a Tripp FAV!)
  • Shredded chicken, massaged kale salad, and mashed butternut squash
    • Follow-up lunch–> A big tossed salad with chicken, paleo ranch, bacon, cucumbers, and roasted butternut squash will serve as the croutons 😉

That is it!! I will be back with another post Tuesday; get ready to see a sweet Valentine’s treat!

Have a great day and enjoy your Sunday!

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