Good Tuesday morning, y’all!

I told David I am aiming to cook a “casserole” type entree at the beginning of the week for us to enjoy for lunch (at least for a few days!). This week I went with lasagna. It is so yummy reheated and can really handle as many veggies as I can pack into the dish. Tripp loves it… I love it… and David too! I would love to give an elegant lasagna like THIS one from Fed and Fit a try. But that one will hold a spot on a weekend menu at some point 🙂 Or hey, maybe Valentine’s dinner!

I use THIS recipe that can also be found in one of my favorite cookbooks, Primal Cravings. The base recipe is pretty simple and centers around layers of butternut squash sheets, meat, and a red sauce. I usually add in a layer of greens and then stir in some Thrive Life red bell peppers and zucchini. Bonus if I can find a pizza sauce with lots of pureed root veggies.

I look for a large butternut squash and use the long part for my sheets of lasagna and then the round part cubed up for soup or just roasted for a breakfast side. These are sometimes tough to prep, but totally worth it!

Have you heard of a Butcher Box? Well if you are struggling to find high-quality chicken, pork, or beef this box will meet your needs in a flash! We have an exceptional source for some of our meats around here, but like to fill in with some fun cuts here and there. Typically it is whatever is on sale at the grocery store. But then I heard about BB through a podcast I listen to (here is a link to that…Modern Mamas Podcast) and that I could get FREE BACON with any box I receive this entire year (#sold). 

So we are giving this a try, here and there (not something I will budget for monthly), until we can eventually source all of our meat locally. I love that you can customize your box and even skip one, if needed. Check it out and let me know if you get a box.

Side note: the box is a fantastic “toy” and will entertain a toddler for awhile! 🙂 Side to the side note: that is my personal link, so I do get credit on my account if you set up a box using that link!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!!

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