First Menu of February

Happy (Super Bowl) Sunday!

Are you all watching the game? Honestly, we have been so busy outside this weekend that I have’t really thought through cooking anything “special” for the game. More than likely it will be on in the background of our normal Sunday night happenings/craziness before the week kicks off πŸ™‚ So I will probably do some sort of rice bowl (like the skillet bowls below) to do my part in keeping with the “bowl” theme ha!

How was your January? Did you make any goals that you just slayed? Or maybe you are ready to try again this month?? Aww the first full week of February is can really be fun (so many “F” words…) short month. My mom’s birthday always kicks off the month and now my niece’s birthday keeps the party going strong then Valentine’s Day rolls in. A happy (and healthy for everyone!) month ahead I hope!

Speaking of Valentine’s Day… I am on the hunt for David something. He usually ends up with a super shiny new tool from Lowe’s (it is his love language… Lowe’s ha!) and some brownies. We don’t go crazy with the gifts and always budget to go out to eat sans Tripp at some point during the month. But that night we try and cook a little something special like steaks to celebrate. Tripp, of course, is all on board with steaks for dinner. We typically don’t go out that night, but Mason Dixon Bakery has a super yummy menu planned… so darn tempting!

Let’s hop to the “gameplan,” the food one that is…

February Menu #1

Cabbage. Y’all, I always forget how great this is to have on hand! You could even do the cabbage “slaw” that is already shredded and ready to use. You literally throw it in a hot pan with avocado oil and BAM. You have a great base for a protein and veggie (and even some rice!). Also, pairs with any herbs/flavor combo you want.

I am grabbing carrots, brussels, butternut squash, and some cucumbers at the store but hoping to have these out of our garden over the course of the year. We ordered our seeds this weekend and can’t wait to get that process going… well, more like experiment going πŸ™‚ I am really hoping a garden will #1 fun for us to play/take care of but also fun to learn how our food grows! My sister over at the Healthy Homestead Mama blog shares so many ways to simplify healthy living, check her out here!

Have a wonderful day… and don’t forget to look for a new post Tuesday!

2 thoughts on “First Menu of February

  1. Teresa Looney says:

    Can’t wait to try some of these. Sounds yummy and healthy! Trying for a healthy February!

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