First Menu of the Year!

Hey!!! Just over here doing a happy dance because we got above freezing today! But how cute is that cozy kiddo?!?

Anyways, I am back and so excited to share a weekly menu/gameplan (so torn about the title I want to give this ha) with y'all.

Here is what we are looking at for this week:

  • Baked potatoes filled with beef and topped with all things TACO (inspired by Fed and Fit's recipe from last week; just Mexican since I have an abundance of avocados and no paleo BBQ sauce)
  • Skillet hash with potato, kale, and beef; drizzled in Primal Kitchen's rockin' ranch (inspired by Fed and Fit's recipe from last week; just no chorizo and did a ranch spin for the taco part!)
  • Shepherd's Pie (Fed and Fit style… more on her current series below)
  • Whole Chicken baked with butternut squash and brussel sprouts (using this for breakfast too…)
  • Stir-fry with Thrive Life pork, peppers, and rice (by far, my fav Thrive trio to serve with lime and coconut aminos)
  • Breakfast–> the regulars (smoothies, eggs with veggies) but with a baked oatmeal utilizing some carrots (sounds weird, but it works)

So about that Fed and Fit series… she is currently doing a "Cook Once Eat All Week" series. Which. is. BRILLIANT. Y'all know I love me a prep day, but honestly, it has been hard to block off that time since entering mamahood. For while I really MISSED that prep time. But with my Thrive Life veggies in my cabinet now, I really don't feel the need to do that anymore in order for food to get on the table (whew!). So I took some of her recipes from last week and modified them to meet what I have on hand/found in the store.

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Happy New Year from us (and Leo too!)!!


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