Bacon & Butternut Squash

I almost titled this “Bacon and NOT cheese” haha! I mean cubed up butternut squash… could fool anyone!

For all holiday gatherings, I brought roasted butternut squash in bacon fat tossed with honey and cinnamon… topped with bacon. And it was a hit! Soooo you better believe I’ll be bringing this to any gathering we go to in 2018.

Recipe inspiration/method—> HERE from the Paleo Running Momma.

Paleo or not… this REAL FOOD side will please anyone. Be sure to pick a nitrate free bacon. I decided to use the fat to roast the squash with, so I picked a thicker sliced higher quality bacon. There are some great options to choose from in the store and from local farmers.

I never got a finished product “picture” if you that tells you anything ha!

Menu for next week is coming together. A few more things to put together and I will share.

Happy Saturday night!

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