Potato Soup Time

Happy Thursday!!

I decided tonight was a potato soup kind of night. Pictured above is BEFORE pressure cooking but AFTER burning the onion. Ha. Hoping it gives the soup a nice deep flavor (haha!). You know what I want tonight? I just really want a tidy kitchen; it is such a mess right now! So I decided on Instant Pot potato soup (using the recipe from THIS cookbook) to keep the dirty dishes to a minimal and give me time to get the kitchen under control.

When in doubt, I whip out my Thrive Life groceries and/or the pressure cooker y’all! Oh, tomorrow my sister (don’t forget her amazing blog!), mom, and I are going to do some Christmas baking with the kiddos. I can’t wait!! Surely this can be successful… 3 adults, 2 toddlers 🙂

Okay, but back to the cookbook I mentioned above. Don’t let that whole “paleo” in the title scare you away. This book is seriously my go-to when it comes to pressure cooking. She covers everything in this. And the potato salad is AMAZING. Lately I have been using the slow cook feature more than the pressure. BUT, man, each time I do pressure cook I am reminded WHY I should use the feature more often.

Anyways, if you are giving or getting an IP, I highly recommend this book ($13!!). A keeper 🙂 Remember that whole paleo word really just means REAL food, don’t shy away.

Have a great night!! 11 days until Christmas!!!!

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