Sausage + kale + potatoes

Happy Wednesday!!

See the title? I say that equals a winning trio! It is around my house anyways 🙂

Speaking of house. Oh Leo… always watching so closely in case we need help with our snacks. Haha! Pretty handsome duo, I must say. Robot (Tripp LOVES them) pjs from Hanna. A favorite around here and my sister’s.

Y’all, that “fort” that Tripp is in (not for this purpose, but hey using that imagination ha!) is so cool. We got it for him last year for Christmas. Here is the link–> Etsy find. I’m in no way affiliated to this shop, just loved this gift. All breaks down and stores so well. It has been anything from a barn to a fort to a “cabin” for him to get in. Maybe I’ll do a gift guide before Black Friday… we shall see!

So this is one of THOSE meal ideas that I feel kind of silly sharing. It’s SO easy. And versatile. But sometimes those are the best to share. I am charging up my “big girl” camera as we speak and hope to shoot with it more. But please enjoy these “amazing” phone pictures (with those fancy Insta filters) in the meantime ha 😉

Sausage, Kale, and Potatoes

  • 1 pack of sausage (I used Aidells chicken and apple), sliced into bite-sized bits
  • A big handful of kale, chopped (around 6 BIG leaves, stems and all)
  • 2 sweet potatoes (previously cut, roasted, and was ready to throw in at the end to warm)
  • 1/4 bone broth (for deglazing purposes)

See. Told you it was basic 🙂 Here was my method:

  1. Melt butter in the skillet or pot (you do need a top though) over medium- low heat. And throw in your sausage pieces.
  2. Stir them around until you can see them starting to brown. Remember these are already cooked, I am just adding some flavor by “browning” them in some butter.
  3. Throw in your kale. Might take two batches! Stir around until it starts to green up. Pour in your broth. STIR up any brown bits at the bottom of the pan and put the lid on… turn down to medium or a little under.
  4. As soon as the kale is done to your liking (took mine around 10 minutes), throw in your sweet potatoes and stir until they are warm.
  5. SERVE! Over rice… with avocado… or with gluten-free cornbread (LOVE Bob’s Red Mill,usually at Publix). Or hey, just the trio! It can standalone on your plate nicely.

I hope any of you that were interested in the Thrive Life foods I have been sharing, attended my FB party! They actually just released the Black Friday deals, and, WOW!! Nothing like read food that won’t spoil being on sale 🙂 Check it out HERE or comment below for more information. Happy to share!

And just a little shout-out… my sister (The Healthy Homestead Mama) officially started contributing over at Health Starts in the Kitchen (long time blog fan here!!). So proud. Go check the first post out HERE.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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