Thoughts and an Early Bird Menu

Back in the summer I created somewhat of a weekly post structure for the blog. It went something like share the menu on Sunday (or combine with Monday's post!), meal idea on Monday, Tripp's plate on Tuesday, what we ate (meal by meal) on Wednesday, and then any sort of extra posts/seasonal series Thursday-Saturday.

Soooo…. I need to know.

  • Should I get back to that?
  • Do you like meal by meal on the menu (ideas for each meal of the day for 5 days?) Or just dinner ideas?
  • Should I stick to just sharing our menu and a meal idea each week in one or two posts? While putting more time into the FB videos?
  • Is there something that you want me to research/post/share about?

Let me know!! Comment, message me on social media, send a bird (okay, not that, unless it is a cardinal), you get the point. Give me your thoughts! As we get closer to the holidays, I like to commit to a structure that I feel is manageable YET fun for everyone.

So let's chat some food shall we? I typically share 5 meal ideas + a couple of breakfast options with the plan that each meal will feed us a dinner + lunch (at least). Here is what I have on the chalkboard…

  • Peruvian Style Chicken from Against All Grain (her blog here), Meals Made Simple (her cookbook here, it has truly turned into my go-to suggestion for those wanting a cleaner lifestyle!)
    • Side note–> Danielle has a great post on her blog with "make ahead" freezer meals. Check it out HERE.
  • Taco salads with some rice
  • Roast with potatoes, parsnips, and brussel sprouts
  • Creamy Chicken Soup–> a favorite around here; I love sharing this with others too, pretty basic flavor profile that many people like! I will use my Thrive Life groceries to whip this up even faster! I will share this via FB video!
  • Tuna salad with cucumbers and carrots

Should be tasty! Breakfast will be a smoothie OR eggs and fruit. Lunch will be a broth based soup 🙂

Happy Monday!!

Feel free to leave a note!