Happy Monday-Friday!

Happy Monday FRIDAY!

Y’all, I started this post MONDAY and just now wrapping it up/editing it (for the correct day) to post!!! Woah. This might be a new record for me ha 😉

No fear, we have had plenty of good food this week. And hey it just means I get to share more photos. Because it was totally food worth sharing, BUT someone in this house has been slacking in the nap department (and it is not Leo or me!!).

So I have rolled with it. Tripp, Leo, and I have been playing in the dirt all afternoon and then playing in the water hose. Because, WHY NOT?!? Might as well laugh and have fun instead of stay inside and try to figure out why the nap juices “ain’t” flowing. Seems to be back to “normal” today. Maybe a growth spurt? He has been eating ALL THE THINGS.

So I mentioned a Whole30-ish  type of plan in one of my videos on FB. Something starting in October, I said. Well let me tell you what NOT to do. Don’t decide the day before. Even if you happen to have “healthy” food on hand. I woke up on “day 1” and where I usually have some oatmeal (which isn’t bad, I just want to retest some items and that is one!), I had a Larabar (I thought was compliant). Well guess what? I had one of the few that are not “approved.” I kid you not. I just laughed and went on… and quickly realized I had to gameplan before something like this. I love doing a challenge, but preparation is key. And having a challenge buddy is key! So what have we been eating?

My sister’s (her new blog is SO good, check it out HERE) Thai chicken soup (delicious) started the week for us. She said she is going to share this InstantPot special on her blog very soon. I will share when she does! I seem to always grab a couple of “heartier” veggies to roast, like brussels and sweet potatoes. Nothing like a big pan of roasted veggies and sausages served with white rice. I have incorporated a “Thrive Life” based meal almost everyday. You know, the grocery box thing delivered to my door 🙂 The meats and veggies continue to impress me (the fruit is great too, Tripp LOVES the blueberries). This week I have made the following:

  • Spaghetti (from my box: zucchini, carrots, onions, kale, and broccoli)
  • BBQ pork stuffed potato (from my box: shredded pork)
  • Chicken soup (from my box: chicken, carrots, kale, onions, and rice)
  • Rice bowl (from my box: chicken, zucchini, peppers, and cauliflower)
  • Things I have learned this week–> rehydrate the meat in broth for added nutrition; rehydrate veggies in red pasta sauce (holy flavor!)
  • Put these items in a grocery box and get them coming straight to your door HERE!

Y’all go and have a wonderful weekend!! And I PROMISE to share our menu BEFORE next Tuesday (maybe even Sunday!!).

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