Creamy chicken & veggie soup

Hi!! Happy Wednesday evening 🙂

Y'all, I finally got my kitchen clean. And you know what that means?? I pull out any leftovers to jazz up to avoid making another mess. When you cook basically every meal (well at least once a day!!), a spotless kitchen just ain't happening. And I'm okay with that… I aim to keep it tidy 🙂

So tonight for dinner… I took the leftover creamy chicken soup (video on FB!) that I made with broth and Thrive Life food and added broccoli, extra coconut milk, and PUMPKIN! Before the stir in… which isn't glamorous…

I was hoping my "fall decor" would slip in the picture. This consists of a few pumpkins sitting on my table. I still have to hang my shelves and get things looking more fall around here. But, for now, I'm saying I have a nice centerpiece (haha). And hey the weather hasn't been REAL fall like. I'll wait for the crisp air.

Tripp was a fan! I added rice to mine and David's. Tripp isn't into rice, but he insisted on extra pumpkin. Must be #teampumpkin.

For lunch, we had turkey salads. Tripp had his in roll-up form… turkey and veggies rolled in butter lettuce. He did pretty good with this, but eventually unrolled it and gave me the lettuce. Cucumbers, carrots, pear, cheese, and avocado also were throw in. Dressed with a new Primal Kitchen dressing!

In other news, I'm so excited about the gift sets Beautycounter just released!!! Talk about hitting all price points and just overall super cool gifts. Nothing beats giving safer skincare. So many of us put that on the back burner. But it is SO important! My shopping link is here, let me know if I can help you! I ordered the oil trio, hand cream trio, and soap trio 🙂 I'll show them when they come in.

Have a wonderful evening!

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