Cold weather menu

Yes, we have a big wave of COLD weather (okay, cold for us in Alabama!)! So this means all the warm foods, woohoo.

Here's what we have cookin' this week:

  • Almost 5 ingredient spaghetti pie with extra veggies (see that here)
  • Creamy tomato and chicken soup (basically just add a bit of the leftover sauce from the spaghetti pie and use the ingredients from the FB video!)
  • Speedy Taco Salad (coming to the blog tomorrow!)
  • Roasted winter squash (see how I'll be roasting using Healthy Homestead Mama's how-to) and shredded beef with a salad
  • Breakfast (we are talking eggs, bacon, pancakes… whoop whoop!)

Should be a tasty week that'll warm up right up!!

One thought on “Cold weather menu

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