Monday Menu + Meal Idea

Happy Monday!

It has been a while since I have posted on a Monday. And shared our menu! So I figured I would share the menu and then a little meal idea 🙂

Here is a look at what we HOPE to have on the table each night and some lunch ideas…

  • Roasted chicken with sweet potato fries and load arugula salad
  • Pesto chicken “spaghetti” with gluten free noodles (found these in the back of the cabinet and figured I better use them!)
  • Turkey burgers with chips + salsa and a spinach-cheese salad
  • Sausage, rice, and broccoli
  • Veggie-beef meatballs with roasted sweet potatoes and a salad
  • LUNCH–> leftovers; broth-based soup using the Thrive Life veggies and meat; OR tuna salad with cold veggies on the side
  • BREAKFAST–> steel cut oats with apples; smoothies with spinach and fruit; eggs + fruit + muffin (Not sure what type yet… the bananas keep disappearing (in the smoothies) SOOO no banana muffins. Maybe apple!)

Side note… I really hope you don’t hate me for doing the menu backwards, HA! I usually build our menu around our proteins then focus on dinners then fill in lunch and breakfast. 🙂

Now for your meal idea. Throw a WHOLE CHICKEN in the slow cooker/crockpot/InstantPot. Throw in some celery, onion, garlic powder, smoked paprika, and salt/pepper and let it cook (breast-side up) overnight. Now, leave the juices that cooked off in the pot and then carefully take the breasts (with skin on) and place them on a baking sheet and broil until the skin is crispy. Eat it on a salad with roasted veggies! IT TASTES LIKE FRIED CHICKEN!!! Thank me later.

The rest of the chicken I pick over and throw the “leftovers” (skin and bones) back in the pot (with the leftover juice) and add water. Then cook over night again for some bone broth to use over the week (or freeze for later). I usually get two batches of broth out of a whole chicken.

Woohoo… I am off to teach! Y’all have a fantastic Monday night!!

Feel free to leave a note!