Monday’s Menu + Meal Idea

Happy Monday!

Sorry about the radio silence last week. My blog was down until Saturday, but it is finally back up and running!! Woohoo 🙂

This week’s menu will revolve around stuff that is just easy to prep. I am talking plain and simple roasted veggies and meats. I like to change up the seasoning, but really like having a week full of items I can basically prep on one day! Especially when I know it will be busy, schedule-wise. My go-to seasoning lately is onion powder, garlic powder, salt/pepper, and oregano. LOVE this combo!!


  • Spaghetti Pie (my go-to method HERE from the famous PaleOMG)–> subbed chicken meatballs (pre-made ones!) and added sweet potatoes
  • Super simple tuna salad with avocado instead of mayo + pickles served with a salad and Mary’s Gone Crackers crackers
  • The other meals will be a combination (a meat + 3) of any of the following:
    • Roasted veggies: brussels, beets, asparagus, broccoli, riced cauliflower, spaghetti squash, and baby potatoes
    • Meat: ground beef, turkey burger, chicken sausage, or turkey sandwich meat
    • Possible addition: rice, spinach, purple chips
    • Dressing: I LOVE the honey-balsamic or the zesty ranch by Tessemae’s

Meal idea: Chicken and rice bowl using the INSTANTPOT

  • Using the InstantPot, add a pack of chicken and a jar of salsa. Cook time-wise, I followed this method (CLICK HERE).
  • Take the chicken out, and add your rice and whatever liquid you are lacking following the package ratios for the rice (usually 2 to 1). Cook the rice in the InstantPot.
  • While the rice is cooking, prep your bowl items. Avocado, lime, carrots, sweet potato (I popped one in the microwave), greens, and more salsa!
  • Assemble the bowls and enjoy!

Tripp is a fan 🙂 I do this at least once a week… if not twice! Just change up the bowl items with different veggies. And even try a verde salsa!

And guess what I did this past weekend?!?! I finally found my charcoal MASK!! My pores were like WOAH. I will spare that photo (although I shared it on my Instastory, @cookinuplife). I LOVE this mask. This is the old packaging, shows you how long it can last 🙂 I love my Beautycounter (FYI, that is my shopping link, so shopping there helps me out!) products and happy to help with any questions concerning cleaning up your skincare products.

HHave a fantastic Monday night!! I am off to reheat some prepped food, woohoo, easy dinner is a winner in my book!!

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