Belated Menu Monday!

Happy Tuesday! And HAPPY AUGUST (wow!)!

I hope you are off to a solid start this morning. I know the return of school is among us so I figured a menu full of short-cuts would be a good idea. David’s first day back is TODAY and I start teaching in a couple of weeks (in the midst of COURSE PREP this week!). Needless to say, we went to the store Sunday and had our minds on quick and easy meals (which is usually the goal… but you’ll see some shocking short-cuts!). 


  • Freezer meals! Yes, can you believe it? A food blogger having FREEZER MEALS. Call the police, I don’t care, David (see how I deflected the blame here haha) spotted some awesome options in the freezer section and we are trying them out this week.
    • Here is what we found at Walmart:
    • Beetnik Paleo meals–> A bit smaller in size but a great price ($5!), we got a variety of the paleo options including shepherd’s pie, lemon chicken, and chili (check out more HERE).
    • Tastefully Plated Paleo meals–> Grilled Chicken Breast entree and the Brasied Beef entree (check out more HERE).
  • Sausage, rice, and veggies–> my go-to Kiolbassa from Publix. Usually on sale and great to have for any meal.
  • Pre-made meatballs with rice noodles and sauce–> Aidells meatballs are full of flavor and at our Publix. The rice noodles (best ingredient list I have seen for gfree noodles).
  • Fed and Fit’s Frizzled Chicken Bake found only in her cookbook (check it out HERE) with a big ol’ salad.
  • Tuna salad with Primal Kitchen Mayo served with carrots and chips.
  • Breakfast–> a new one thrown in here, Back Porch Paleo muffins (recipe HERE!); of course, oatmeal, smoothies and eggs will still be on the rotation!

Y’all, they even had paleo chocolate chip cookies… that was just really encouraging to see! Many people that have food allergies deal with the whole not wanting to go to a party or gathering because they don’t want to be an “inconvenience” or be the dreaded person without a dessert in hand (it is a party after all!). I know I always feel bad even if the host is very accommodating! But always remember the basics, vegetables and fruit and protein! The protein can be a little tricky with marinades involved, but just use salt and pepper on a steak or chicken and you are good to go. Or hey grab a pack of the meatballs that I mentioned above and some freezer cookies, BAM, you are ready to party!

So have you tried these freezer meals? I think I will keep a couple of these in the freezer for sick days, busy weeks, or just “it is TOO HOT to cook” days 🙂

Do you have a plan for the week? Anything tasty that you have had the past couple of weeks that you want me to try?? Throw it in the comments below or on social media. I love hearing from you!

Have a great day!

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