8 Summer Essentials: Snack Edition

Happy Sunday!

I hope you are all having a great day. I should be unpacking (#storyofmylife) since Tripp is sleeping (okay, he was when I was working on this!) BUT I really wanted to slip in a blog post 🙂 As I find my new rhythm here at the farm, I am trying to keep the blog part on the list at least every other day. This  means I have HIGH hopes of blogging MORE in the future. Share my blog with your family and friends, I appreciate the support more than you will know!!

So after my top 8 “self-care”/beauty-ish products (check it out HERE), I promised a food related “essential” list. I try to keep snacks easy for grab and go purposes, but we all probably can agree that there’s nothing better than fruit right off the vine for a summer snack 🙂


  • Maple Water: I have ALWAYS been on the coconut water train. But, y’all, once I tried maple water, well, I haven’t looked back. It sounds odd, but I LOVE it. And it offers a whole different set of nutritional benefits. Check out more on their site, HERE. Shop HERE.
  • Bars: RxBar, Pressed by KIND, and LaraBars
  • Jackson’s Honest purple potato chips (we usually find these at Publix on sale!) with mashed avocado… because dips make everything cooler 🙂
  • Beef Sticks: These are so convenient and easy for me to have in Tripp’s bag. A quick protein to pair with some veggies or fruit. We have enjoyed this brand off Amazon (shop HERE).
  • Fruit Gummies: Easy to make (I like THIS recipe from Primal Palate) and gives us the benefits of ALL THE FRUIT with the gut-healing powers of bone broth via the gelatin (I use this kind, shop HERE).
  • Chia Pudding: There are SO MANY possibilities, but I love THIS one from Fed and Fit and she is just the best! Love her cookbook too.
  • Pili Nuts: A new favorite around here! Learn more about them HERE, but in a nutshell (haha) they are super delicious and easier on the digestive tract than most nuts.
  • YumButter with fruit. Can’t go wrong and love this company (and hey it is at our Publix!). Check out more about the company’s special mission here.

*And throwing this one out there, Thrive Life freeze dried fruit and snackies. SO GOOD. This is a new company for us! Let me tell you, as soon as we got a couple of items they were munched on. We have tried the mango and the beet fruit crisps.

Have you had a “go-to” snack this summer? Share it in the comments! I would love to hear them 🙂

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