See ya later Tuscaloosa!

As promised, here is the moving post! Ya know, now that we have survived THE MOVE. 

I really have been drafting this post for weeks. But it keeps getting pushed back! Mainly because I have been busy with the logistical side of making the move happen, but also because part of me is nervous about sharing this (SILLY)! I mean it is a huge life change for our family. An exciting and super fun God-driven one, but a change in routine. And, anyone who knows me, knows I like plans and especially routines. And when you have a blog and share personal stuff… it is just a tough line to draw on what to share and what not to.

But since this will have an impact on the blog… and since this blog is all about what is cookin’ up in our life, I think it is share-worthy 🙂

So here’s the deal… we have been in Tuscaloosa since we both started college (2006). Met,  fell in love, graduated, got married, took on post grad jobs, became home-owners… dog parents… human parents and now here we are taking on the next chapter. We are moving to Cullman, AL. A little way north of Tuscaloosa where I grew up. 

I’m going to try and hop on here to share more as we settle in. But a little grace would be much appreciated 😉 

Happy weekend… I think it’s Saturday! Ha!

One thought on “See ya later Tuscaloosa!

  1. John says:

    Goodness gracious! I wish you guys well and look forward to seeing your writing here! So happy for you and have fun!!

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