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I hope you all had a great weekend!! We had a busy one, with lots of packing, but it was fun. Tripp’s “Lovey” (David’s mom) was here. They had so much fun playing together and it was a tremendous help having her here to help with Tripp 🙂 And Leo. 

So our last day in Tuscaloosa is NEXT THURSDAY. We are technically moving over this week and next… David is moving stuff slowly as he can slip away. I am trying to take time  (while working ha) and sort through things before throwing stuff in boxes. But I have totally hit the “throw it in there and tape it up” point! Ha. I am seeing more “MISC” labels instead of “Courtney’s Hang-up Clothes” or “David’s work shoes” LOL.

Posting will probably be a tad sporadic over this month. Just being honest and also giving myself grace as we enter a BIG (exciting) season of change! Exciting times but I also know that making this transition as smooth as possible means being intentional with my time.

I think I am most concerned about Leo making the move. Not that Tripp won’t notice a change, but dogs just sense it so much faster, right?! Or maybe it is that Leo was my first baby 😉 Ha. It will all work out and we will be settled in before I know it.

SOOOO thinking short term. FOOD GAMEPLAN for this week…


  • Green Chef (a shrimp dish… we had the buffalo chicken salad last night, SO GOOD!)
  • Proteins–> Shredded chicken (used THIS method in the InstantPot); Ground beef; Kiolbassa Sausages (buy 2 get 1 free at Publix!); boiled eggs for grab-n-go
  • Veggies–> Cauliflower (pizza… see below); roasted sweet potato wedges; salad greens; carrots; grape tomatoes
  • Fruits–> Strawberries, blueberries, apples, and grapefruit
  • And I made some gluten free brownies… for good measure yesterday 😉

Meal idea:

I am giving cauliflower pizza another try! I tried it at the beginning of our gluten free/paleo transition, but it just didn’t hold together well. As in I would rather just have roasted cauliflower with red sauce and some pizza toppings ha. So this meant, when we wanted pizza, we would just grab a gluten free Against the Grain in the freezer section (which is still a great option!). BUT since I am keeping Tripp on the whole foods train (just still not wanting to give him something labeled “gluten free” when he has a million foods to try), I am going to try the cauliflower pizza again. I think he will LOVE it. And us too!

Here is the recipe I am going to follow–> Pizza crust recipe. I will throw some red sauce, chicken, and some roasted sweet potato wedges on top.

Since this post is up before the meal goes down… I will be sure to report back on here or my Instagram stories to share how the pizza night shakes out 🙂


One thought on “Menu + Meal Idea

  1. Theresa Helligar says:

    Hope your cauliflower crust turned out well! I just found out that Trader Joe’s is now offering a cauliflower crust in the frozen foods section.. It is on my list to get next time I go ..

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