Tripp’s Plate Tuesday: Pork

Some nights I take time to “plate”/lay out Tripp’s food on his plate and snap a picture. But MOST nights, I just feed him as I eat– right off my plate! Tonight was a “mama’s plate” kind of night 😉 

Tonight Tripp had:

  • Pork chop seared in ghee then baked (these are from the pork share– so good!)
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Avocado
  • Bubbies pickle 
  • A little tasting of some raw cheddar cheese
  • Bone broth

Yum!! We polished that pork chop off easily. 

So while Dada takes on bath-time, I’m treating myself to the #1 brightening mask from Beautycounter. Check it out through my online store (shop here!) and see my “mask” night routine below!  

Happy Tuesday, y’all!! 

One thought on “Tripp’s Plate Tuesday: Pork

  1. Debbie Stokes says:

    I did my #1 mask and oil tonight too!! Love it!

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